How to turn off Beauty Face in the camera of your Samsung?

Samsung helps us with the beauty effects. This function, which is only available in Selfie mode, allows us to modify certain aspects that appear in the image, such as facial features, skin tone or face shape. When activating the beauty mode you can change the tone of the skin to make it look more luminous and clear, we can change the focus, adjust the brightness and location of the focus to highlight the parts you want. With this option it is also possible to adjust the shape of the face and make it look more slender, as well as extend eyes to make them look bigger.

What types of effects can be applied to a selfie with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? The main ones are those mentioned below:

Skin tone: Unifies the skin tone, ideal to hide flaws or marks because it makes the ‘ make-up effect ‘
Slim face: This is ideal for who we have the round face, you can make it look slimmer the face
Enlarge eyes: If the problem is that you look with small eyes in all the selfies, this trick can be useful.

How to disable Beauty Face in a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S6?

In the previous mobile Samsung beauty face was a separate mode but now, when we start a Galaxy S6 or a Galaxy S7 in selfie mode we see how beauty face is activated by default.

Yes, it is true, the modification is not as aggressive as its default settings are quite soft but there are those who want to eliminate this mode so that your face looks just as it is, as shown in reality without form correction or a filter that removes the imperfections of the skin even if it is soft. To deactivate it as it comes in series you only have to do the following.

  1. Open the camera.
  2. Click on the face of the Beauty face (the one above the right in the active area of the camera).
  3. Click on the skin tone settings.
  4. Lower the number from 2 to 0.

How to use Beauty Face in the rear camera? You can also use the Beauty Face mode in the rear camera, you only have to do the following.

  1. Get into the camera.
  2. Go to mode.
  3. Click on the button to download the modes you do not have.
  4. Look for Beauty Face in the Samsung Apps store.

Apps to beautify your face and get the best selfie

Beauty Camera: It has several filters that can be applied to improve the final photo and look more beautiful. The basic options of any photo-editing app are present as the cropped or modify the contrast. The app will automatically detect your face and eliminate the asperities to make the skin look younger. Done this, you can increase or decrease the amount of brightness with the slider in a very quick way.

BeautyPlus-Smart Photo camera: The app is used to enlarge the eyes or eliminate even dark circles. This option of enlarging the eyes, because in the canons of beauty is “presupposed” that larger eyes capture more attention than small ones. The app is free from Google Play Store and has no publicity.

BeautyCam: Another app to beautify the selfies that we want. It allows you to apply color to the lips, shadows in the eyes and other effects that can give another tone to the face so that it may then result in the best possible selfie. It has the basic options and filters that we can find in many other applications.

Price: To be announced

B612 – Selfie from the heart: an app for the retouching of selfies to get the best out of our features and thus share the photos through social networks or in messaging apps. It has more than 81 filters, three-second selfies videos, random filters, vignettes as if it were a collage, diorama effect to blur the image, compositions and a mute mode to remove the photos without anyone knowing.

B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor
B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor

Retrica: One of the most downloaded apps for selfies. More than 100 filters with more than 20 designs, real-time filters, vignettes, collage, photo timer, exposure modification and photo sharing capability. An app that has all its filters for free and has great quality.

The camera is definitely one of the most important elements of a mobile phone. Users value enormously the effort made by the manufacturers in this section, so it is one of the first details in which they are fixed when acquiring a device.