How to set up the Xbox One S remote with RetroPie

The command of Xbox One S is one of the most recommended if you play on PC, both for its direct compatibility with computer games, and for its connectivity Bluetooth that allows to use it directly without cables or special adapters. Thanks to this, it is also a very good option to use it with the Raspberry Pi and Retropie. If you have tried to connect it, you will have noticed that an error appears and does not allow it to be paired. In this article I will explain how to solve it and configure the Xbox One S remote with RetroPie.

Deactivate ERTM

In order to correctly match the command of Xbox One S with RetroPie, the first thing we should do is disable ERTM by following these steps:

Turn on the Raspberry Pi and once on the home screen, press F4 to enter the command line. Enter the following command and press Enter:

Write the following text in the first line, leaving Emulation Station in the second line:

When finished, press Ctrl + X and then Y to confirm by pressing Enter. Now it only remains to restart the Raspberry by writing the following:

Pair the control via Bluetooth

Before continuing, we must ensure that the firmware of the command is updated to the latest version. To do this, connect it via USB to a Windows 10 computer and open the Xbox accessories app.

Now you can match the command of Xbox One S with RetroPie as you would with any other Bluetooth device. Access the settings of RetroPie Bluetooth, select the option "Register and Connect to Bluetooth Device" and choose the command when it appears in the list. You must use the "DisplayYesNo" authentication mode for the connection to succeed. If you have already tried to pair the command before deactivating ERTM you will have to enter "Remove Bluetooth Device" and select the command to unlink it.

Configure all buttons

If you already have the remote connected and have tried to configure the buttons from the menu RetroPie, you may have noticed that the button Select and L2 do not work. It is a small inconvenience that can be solved in a simple way for emulators. On the one hand, for the menu of RetroPie You can configure the Select button in any other one that is not in use (for example R3), since there is no solution in this case.

On the other hand, for the emulators to correctly detect these two buttons, enter the settings section of RetroArch, Settings, Input, Input User 1 Binds (or the player number to which you want to configure the controls) and first select "Device Type" : RetroPad w / Analog "and then the option" Bind all ". With this you can configure the buttons again as you do in RetroPie, but this time all will work, including Select and L2.

Now you know how to pair and configure the Xbox One S remote with RetroPie to enjoy the best classic games wirelessly. If you have any questions you can ask in the comments.