How to see WhatsApp messages on the lock screen of Xiaomi MIUI?

it Seems that we have a lot of things to say Xiaomi and we can’t forget that the brand Xiaomi is increasingly used in the west despite not selling directly in our countries. Nor can we forget that Xiaomi has regained its throne in China as a leader in the sale of mobile phones.

Some of the virtues and problems of Xiaomi is its layer of customization, MIUI, which despite being very good is not anything similar to what we understand by a Android pure and does things his way. One of the changes of MIUI are the notifications from WhatsApp and is that they do not show unfolded like we see in an iPhone, for example.

How to see WhatsApp messages on the lock screen of Xiaomi MIUI

How to see the WhatsApp messages on the lock screen of the Xiaomi MIUI?

When you send WhatsApp messages to your mobile Xiaomi can release the message and its contents but when you send several messages out the name of the contact and a text that says (X new messages).

These messages do not show their content but they can display it without the need of enter in the notification and it is very easy to see them.

  • Opens the notifications panel in the lock screen (you can drag down to open).
  • Now with two fingers, press gesture clip to zoom in on the notification of WhatsApp, as you can see in the image will take you to the conversation and you’ll be able to see what you have written and will not be the hidden messages.

We have to thank a reader of howtochoosealaptop who has sent us screenshots of how it looks on a Xiaomi Mi5, but we have to forgive her for putting the name of our website wrong. Thanks to her we discovered how it looks once fixed the problem.

you Cannot see the notifications of WhatsApp on Xiaomi MIUI

go to setting –> notifications –> Manage notifications –> search whatsapp –> tap whatsapp –> turn on all : allow notifications, app icon badge, show floating notofication, sound & vibrations, notificatio light

If your problem is not this, and that is directly or cannot see the notification or does not show the content you’ll need to check the notification settings of the application.

  • Go to Settings – Notifications and check the fit Show in lock screen is enabled.
  • once you have reviewed this, go to Notifications from apps and search for WhatsApp.
  • in There check the options to show notifications in the lock screen and show notifications are enabled.

In the event that this is not your problem and you want personalized help you can always use the comments, we hope to have helped you to see notifications from WhatsApp on your lock screen.