How to save YouTube videos privately?

How to save YouTube videos privately
YouTube is a great sideboard where you can advertise your brand, your product or your image, a space accessible from any device where we find videos of all kinds, such as series, movies, tutorials, fragments of television programs and much more. In addition to having varied content, it receives millions of visits.But YouTube can also be seen as a video library, a virtual place to save videos at zero cost, since the free account allows you to upload a large number of videos. In addition, we can decide if the videos will be visible to all, to a group of users or we will simply leave them visible only by us.Let’s see how to configure the privacy of your YouTube videos when you are going to upload them and once uploaded from your user profile.Public, hidden or private. YouTube has three privacy modes for the videos we upload. The Public mode is the one we use by default, and is that it will be visible by anyone, from your channel or simply by searching on YouTube. It is even possible for someone to find it from a search engine, as it will be indexed.But you may want to use the Hidden mode. Unlike Public mode, hidden videos are not shown in search results, related videos or recommendations. It will also not be seen on your channel or subscriber feeds.

The hidden video can be shared through your link, so we can use it to share videos with a select group of users instead of with any YouTube user.

Finally, Private mode makes the video stored on YouTube but it is not possible to access it unless you have uploaded it.

Privacy when uploading the video. When you upload a video from your computer or from Android, iPhone or iPad, in addition to selecting the file to upload you will find a drop-down that indicates Public, Hidden, Private or Scheduled. We have mentioned the first three before. The latter simply refers to uploading the video now but making it public at a specific time.

For the rest, the process is as simple as opening the official website or mobile application, pressing the camera icon and choosing a video from the gallery or from our computer. In addition, we must indicate title, description, the privacy settings we have mentioned before, etc.

Change privacy once uploaded. With the passage of time it is normal that you want to hide videos that were once public or vice versa. Therefore, YouTube facilitates this task at any time.

From your PC or Mac, you can access your videos from the browser by clicking on your YouTube user icon and selecting YouTube Studio. Once there, in the left column we click on Videos.

In the list of videos, we will see the Privacy option, We just have to click on the drop-down to change the option among those we have seen before. In addition to changing the option, we must validate it by clicking on Save.

From Android, we open the YouTube app and go to Library> My videos. Next to each video, there is a More menu with the Edit option and a Privacy drop-down. There we can choose one of the three available options and then validate it by clicking on the Send icon.

How to set the video to private

Uploaded videos must be set to private to prevent the general public from finding it in web search results.


  1. Go to your Video Manager.
  2. Find the video you want to change, then click Edit.
  3. In the “Privacy Settings” drop-down menu, choose your setting:
    1. Public
    2. Unlisted
    3. Private
  4. Click Save changes.