How to remove the Stories of Facebook in Android

¿you See what the previous image and you don’t like a hair? If so, is that you want to remove stories from Facebook in Android. And to do that, the only solution is to get back to a APK previous. In these moments, many users are already enjoying the stories of Facebook that allows you to share with your friends in the social network, what you want and without limits. But sometimes, it can get to be too annoying to leave those circles, from the tallest part of the application…

So if you want to remove the stories of Facebook in the app for Android, we are going to tell you what you have. So again, you will have a clean Interface, as follows:

Activar Historias Facebook Android

Remove stories from Facebook in Android

As we have informed you days ago, since a few days ago the stories of Facebook are a reality. For this reason, many users are already trying it. Some are delighted because they find it amusing, but others don’t want to know nothing of this. Is more, they find it annoying to see how they leave those circles in the top of the application.

we do Not know if from one moment to another Facebook decided to remove this completely (due to so many complaints from users). What we do know, is that in these times you can remove an optional way.

How can I delete stories from Facebook app?

The only solution for the moment, passes by back to a APK previous. as Well as what you hear. These are the steps to follow:

  • to Activate the “unknown sources” in Android. This you can do so from the Settings so that you can install the APK we will mention in the next step.
  • Install APK Facebook previous. The stories of FB arrived on the 15th of February, so you’ll just have to grab a APK above and follow the installation steps to forget the stories of FB.

Eye, if this don’t works or gives error in the APK, like you have to completely remove the app previous Facebook that you have and install the APK when tel smartphone is clean, with the data and cache of the previous app of Facebook deleted.

have You been remove stories from Facebook in Android? Remember that if you have doubts, you can leave a comment.