How to recover deleted files from a pendrive or hard disk easily

If you have arrived here, it is probably because you want recover deleted files from a pendrive or hard drive. Luckily for you, we can recover deleted data more or less easily. Either on Windows or Mac, there is a large number of programs to recover information from an SD card, external hard drive or pendrive. However, most of these do not usually recover all the information deleted. This time we bring you one of the best programs to recover files from any external drive.

Recoverit, the best program to recover Windows and Mac files

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are many programs that pray to recover all types of deleted information, however, few obtain all the information deleted. Recoverit – recovered deleted files (Yes, that's the name of the program) is one of the few exceptions. This program can be downloaded from its official website, and we only have to install it on our computer to proceed to recover the information in question.

Something that we must keep in mind is that, to recover the deleted information, we must acquire a valid license of the program in question. Prices range from 69 euros for the Pro version to 86 for the Ultimate version. The difference between the two lies in the possibility of recovering data from a boot unit. In the case that we only want to see the files that we have deleted, we can do it with the free trial version.

Once we have installed it, we will see an interface similar to this one:

The next thing we have to do is select the external hard drive, SD card or pendrive that we want to recover. In our case we will select the unit with the name of 'Untitled'. Now just we will have to click on the Start button and the program will begin to analyze all the sectors of the unit in question. The process can take from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the size of the unit and the amount of information stored.

When the analysis process is finished, all the files that can be recovered will be shown: we can select all or a certain number of them. Of course, the greater the number of selected files, the more time the program will take to complete the recovery process.

Finally we click on the Recover button and the program will ask us the path where we want the files to be saved. It is at this point where we must enter the serial code that we have previously acquired. Once entered, Recoverit will begin to Recover files from external hard drive, pendrive or card that we have selected.

Download Recoverit for Windows Download Recoverit for Windows