How to recover data and deleted files on Mac and Windows easily

"Recover deleted files","recover information on Mac" Y "recover data from a hard drive in Windows"These are three of the most searched searches in the Google search engine. Some time ago we published a guide aimed at recover some files in the system Windows operating system. However, this was limited only to the operating systems of the windows. That is why this time we have decided to make a guide with which we can recover deleted files and all kinds of information either on Windows or Mac.

Before proceeding with the guide we must mention that the program we will use is compatible with both hard drives and external storage units, whether they are pendrives, External hard drives or SD memory cards.

Recover deleted files on Mac and Windows

If you have reached this point of the reading surely it is because you want to recover some lost file or information, either in Windows or Mac. Currently there are many tools that allow us to do this, but few are multi platform, and the recovery rate in most cases it is not the best. One of the programs data recovery what has worked best for us after several years of testing and use is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. Some of its advantages with the ease of use or its success rate of recovery, but without a doubt the best is that it is a free program.

Once we have downloaded the program from the official website, we will install it as if it were a program of any kind. After this, we will start it and we will see an interface similar to the one we can see just below this paragraph, with the list of all units (external or internal) connected to our computer, ordered by size and format.

The next logical step for recover deleted files it will be to select the unit that we want it to recover. When we have selected it, we will click on the button Scan and then the program EaseUS will begin to analyze the lost unit. This analysis process It may take several minutes or hours, depending on the speed of the unit and the space of the same, but it is necessary so that it can analyze all the routes and the metadata of the files that have been deleted.

After having finished the data analysis process, the program will show us a complete list of all the possible files to be recovered classified by routes, although we can also select the option of Kind to sort them by file types. To recover the desired files we will only have to select them manually and click on the button Recover now located in the upper bar. Automatically EaseUS will start at recover deleted data in the route that we have indicated. Like the previous step, this process can take several minutes, depending on the number of files found and especially the read / write speed of the unit. In the case that we do not want to do the recovery at that moment, we can export the data in the button To export and proceed later.

And that's it, as simple as that. When the program has finished the recovery process we can enjoy all the deleted files. Clarify that the program it will only allow us to recover 2 GB of files in its free version, although we can download the program again to perform another recovery, either on another computer or in a virtual machine.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Free