How to put the lock fingerprint to WhatsApp

One of the most beneficial additions for users and that increasingly occupies a major part of the mobile phone market is the fingerprint sensor. For several years manufacturers have been incorporating them into their smartphones and, today, it is rare to see one that does not bring it. Even in the entry range it is common to find them.

The fingerprint reader of my Samsung Galaxy S7 works really well but there are things that Android can not block as standard. The fingerprint in Android only allows us to block the phone (the screen lock) or the mobile payments and payments in Google Play but it does not allow us to assign a blockade for applications like WhatsApp. Many users have wondered how to block WhatsApp with the fingerprint sensor. Until now we had done some tutorial to put password to WhatsApp but assigning the fingerprint reader as a block is more convenient and faster when opening the application.How to put the lock fingerprint to WhatsApp

No matter where the fingerprint sensor is located, it always offers extra security. Some Android terminals have taken advantage of this and have included the ability to block any application that we have installed so that it only runs with our fingerprint. Then we will explain how to do it and if you do not have the option, we will tell you some applications that will help you.

How to block WhatsApp with the fingerprint?

WhatsApp is one of the most important applications in the world, practically everyone has it installed in their terminals, with many chats started. The problem is that sometimes, some of these conversations may be within the eyes of third parties, and that is why it is convenient to keep the application blocked.

Of course, there are many classic applications that allow us to block access to WhatsApp through codes or PINs. But now we want to show you how to use the fingerprint sensor of your smartphone to block WhatsApp, through a specific app that will teach you how to block WhatsApp using the fingerprint sensor on your Android device that has this feature. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of those that has this sensor, although there are many others.Blocking access to WhatsApp using a fingerprint sensor

the different uses that we can give to the fingerprint sensor of our Android, be able to authorize mobile payments, block the device, etc. But it also has many other functions this system from some specific applications, in this case to block access to your WhatsApp account.

Blocking access to WhatsApp using a fingerprint sensor

We can block access to our WhatsApp account of the smart mobile device by using an application, called FingerSecurity. it is possible that the app does not sound to you, but in any case you have to know that it is almost unique within this segment, and that you can download it from the Google Play Store or from this link.

Developer: Rick Clephas
Price: Free+

FingerSecurity is an app that has been specially developed to allow us to configure the finger lock thinking of an app as specific as WhatsApp. Anyway, it is not that it is simply limited to that, but also we can block other accesses, such as those that lead to the Gallery, to other applications, etc.

FingerSecurity is a totally free application that works without any problems in Android 4.3 or higher versions of this operating system, and that adds other security elements. Is that if for some reason our fingerprint sensor does not work and does not detect our fingerprints, we can establish a security supplement by code or PIN.