How to protect yourself from espionage

If you do a quick Google search to protect yourself from illegal espionage and write ┬╗spyware┬╗, it yields more than 100 million results. Therefore, there is a great interest of ordinary people in spying on software and devices. Regardless of the motivation or justification they have, espionage is totally illegal, which is completely clear. This is how this represents a serious invasion of privacy in most countries of the world.

Similarly, you don’t have to suffer if someone is spying on you. Since there are several tools that will help you find hidden spyware and applications on your computer, smartphone or otherwise. For this reason, here we show you how to protect yourself from being spied on.

1.- Applications to do illegal spying on smart phones

Smart mobiles are one of the greatest personal comforts that the digital era has given us. For many, the smart device is the largest personal information store you can have now. You can access your emails and text messages.

As well as, you can take photos, store bank information and much more on your smartphone. As such, smartphones are a primary objective to spy on applications and data theft.

Spy apps can invade all areas of a smart mobile. The amount of data available depends on the spy application that is installed. For example, some spy apps on smartphones can send data to a remote server for analysis.

While others may include the activation of the device’s microphone to listen to phone calls directly or real-time location tracking through GPS.

Fight illegal spying: find hidden spy apps on Android

Android devices are very vulnerable to spyware, this for some reasons. The first reason is the wide range of devices on which Android runs. This means that vulnerabilities are easy to find.

Android also runs on old hardware, which is prone to vulnerabilities of all kinds. The scope and oldness of the hardware make Android a primary spyware target.

Second, it is easier to “root” an Android device than to jailbreak an iOS device. Rooting an Android device gives access to all the software on that device. A spy can root an Android mobile and then hide the spyware effectively.

For this reason, Android users have two options for spyware tracking and removal:

The first option; Scan your mobile using Malwarebytes Security. Malwarebytes is an extremely respected and very useful antivirus and antimalware tool. Download it and scan your Android device with it, removing any malicious application it finds.

However, if the spyware problem persists, the only option is to perform a full factory reset. This will eliminate all applications on the smart device.

Find hidden spy apps on iOS

IOS spyware is a different beast than Android. The iOS operating system is more secure and offers better integrated privacy features. And these functions are spatialized for security is in the App Store. If an application is not in this app store, you must release the iPhone or iPad to install them on these devices.

The easiest way to locate an iOS device with jailbreak is to search for the Cydia application. This app is installed and allows extensive customization and non-native iOS options. If you find the Cydia application, you can factory reset your mobile to remove the jailbreak and any spyware installed.

More recently, a new generation of spyware applications for iOS no longer requires jailbreak. These apps require physical access to the device to configure them. But they can track and monitor in real time. A spy user can extend the functionality of these non-jailbreak spy apps, with access to the victim’s iCloud login credentials.

Unfortunately, finding one of the latest spyware apps for iOS is extremely difficult. Users should control the use of data, messages, incoming calls, outgoing calls and battery statistics. A spyware application will have a negative impact on the battery, as it constantly records the data.

It will also affect the use of device data as it sends and receives information. As with the Cydia application, the easiest way to clean the spyware of an iOS device is to restore factory settings.

2.- Spy applications on desktop PC

Here we can find remote access applications, keyloggers and malware. Which are the weapons chosen for spying on desktop PCs. A VNC application allows anyone to see all the activity on your computer as it happens. Similarly, a remote access Trojan (RAT) is a much more dangerous type of malware that can give a hacker access to your system.

Likewise, a keylogger records every keystroke you make on your system and so you can give away your bank, social media and much more passwords without your noticing.

In the same way, a spy user can install a spy application remotely and more easily than in a smart mobile. And it is because certain operating systems are easier to work than others.

Like Android on smart devices, it is easier to install spyware on a Windows computer due to known vulnerabilities. Also, because this operating system is installed everywhere. However, macOS and Linux users are not safe.

Avoid spy apps on your desktop PC

The variety of spy applications for desktop PCs and laptops force you to consider some strategies. So consider the following instructions to avoid being spied on from your PC:

1.- You must have a unique and secure password for each account, including your desktop login.

2.- You must configure your lock screen to activate in a very short timer. Always close your desk when you leave your room.

3.- Never let anyone use your desktop PC as an administrator. With administrator privileges, a spy user can install any application that invades the privacy they want. Only the administrator should install applications.

4.- Install a robust antivirus and antimalware package. This combination will stop remote access to your machine and stop the installation of malicious software as well.

5.- Your programs appear regularly in lists for unexpected changes. Most spyware, malware or keyloggers will not appear on your list of programs, but it is worth watching.

We have to tell you that these recommendations are final. If someone really wants to spy on your PC, they will find a way to install programs without your knowledge. In most cases, spyware comes from someone with direct access to the computer, as it must be installed manually.

3.- GPS tracking devices

If the person who is spying on you cannot access your smartphone, desktop PC or laptop, you could try to track your movement. GPS tracking devices are relatively cheap and are also easy to hide in a large object, such as any vehicle.

In this way, there are several signs that someone is tracking your car. If you suspect that someone is controlling your location using a GPS tracker, these are some of the main places for you to verify:

  • Inside the bumper.
  • The space between the hood and the window.
  • Under the front panel.
  • Inside the front door bugles (if you have them there).
  • On top of the roof.
  • Inside the rear bugles.
  • Under the fabric of the backboard.
  • Inside the third rear brake light.
  • Inside the plastic rear bumper.
  • In the glove compartment

A GPS tracker can be small. If you want to find one in your car, you must do a thorough search. You can also block a GPS signal with a blocking device. However, signal blockers are highly illegal for a variety of reasons. Also, if you can’t see anything, try using a radio frequency detector to isolate any suspicious transmission.

4.- Spying cameras and microphones

Like GPS tracking devices, spy cameras and microphones are constantly shrinking. A combination of spy camera and microphone of high specification could fit inside or behind most of the household objects of your house, car and office.

The cameras can also have additional functionality, such as night vision, motion tracking, face detection, live streaming and more. A spy user can hide a camera and a microphone in many places due to their size. If you suspect there is a camera and a microphone in your office, home and elsewhere, you can check the following places:

  • Smoke detectors.
  • Shelves
  • Under the tables.
  • Clocks and wall pictures.

What to do if you are being a victim of illegal espionage?

Discovering that someone is spying on you is a terrible feeling. But you should consider what to do to counter this situation. In most cases, calling the police is the best option once you have evidence. Without evidence, it is difficult for the police to follow up on any claim regarding illegal espionage.

Spyware is not the only problem facing smartphone users. Android users should protect their devices from stalkerware, an equally insidious type of application that invades privacy. So you should take all possible forecasts.