How to protect your WhatsApp account with your fingerprint

At the beginning of the year, WhatsApp added the function of unlocking the application with fingerprint, both on iOS devices and Android, but the way of doing them is different in both cases.

It is a useful way to protect our conversations, since every time it is required to enter the app, it will ask for verification and it is almost impossible for someone to access our information.


In order for Apple devices to activate this function, they need to have at least version 2.19.20 installed, since in previous versions this function does not exist.

This is the route that must be followed to activate this lock:

Settings / Account / Privacy / Screen Lock / Activate Switch

When activating this option, each time we enter the application again, we will be asked to authenticate.


In Android this option came a long time after iOS and, at least at this time, there are two options to do so:

Option 1. Android released this option only for the beta version of WhatsApp and the route is as follows:

Settings / Account / Privacy / Fingerprint lock

When activated, it will ask you if you want the unlock to be immediate, after one minute or 30 minutes.

There is a second option that we only recommend if you know how to use APK files correctly, this will make a mirror of WhatsApp beta and the path is the same.