How to play audio in background in WhatsApp

Yesterday we talk about that because it is possible to activate two-step verification on WhatsApp. A fantastic tutorial, we will tell you all you need to do to activate this option. You will see that it is very simple, and you basically have to remember a 6-digit code. WhatsApp is ensure that this will be wondering from time to time. But the update did not end at that, because it is also possible to play audio in the background in WhatsApp. This is very convenient, since up until now it was a pain in the neck which is cut the audio if we a moment.

Escuchar audios de WhatsApp por altavoz

Play audio in the background in WhatsApp

If you also want to play audio in the background in WhatsApp you will only have to update WhatsApp to the latest beta available in the Play Store. You what we have in the above link, all you have to do, which basically is to join the program betas of WhatsApp.

If you’re in the program betas of WhatsApp, you’ll be able to always enjoy the latest news (without which you get even), because it updates everything in the back, in the background. On this occasion, among the last additions we emphasize the verification in 2 steps as I mentioned before and the possibility of to hear the audio in the background from WhatsApp.

This you can do so now, after being in the program of betas. Remember that although you are attached, you may not have this update if you are not connected by Wifi or if you have not updated the app. From the Play Store > WhatsApp you can check if you have the latest beta, which is required for this to work.

Now you can play them in the background, with the beta

If you have it, try recording audio and when you send one you will see that you can play them in the background. Never was so comfortable to use WhatsApp until now… it was one of the features most requested and rogadas by users since it first appeared this functionality. You can test it just by sending and receiving audio, you already see that it is very easy and you won’t have to do anything more major.

we will Continue to parrot more new things from WhatsApp. Don’t go!

What a enjoy! If you have any questions or problems with this function, leave us a comment.

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