How to play and stop the executioner of Clash Royale

During these days we have spoken a lot about the executioner of the Clash Royale, but today we go a bit further and we will tell you how to play and stop the executioner of Clash Royale. This letter is very difficult to play, especially while you don’t get used to it, because it is a letter that spends a lot of elixir (5), and breaks enough with the schemes, because first you don’t know what deck to put it.

If you want to know how to play and stop the executioner of Clash Royale and not have more doubts, you are going to tell throughout the article. But I don’t want you to miss the following video of Alvaro, that helps a lot.

How to play and stop the executioner of Clash Royale

few days Ago we talk about the best decks of the executioner of Clash Royale. But we will now go further, and we will tell you how to play and stop the executioner of Clash Royale, because it is clear that to be able to use the decks you need to use this information.

Many people have already changed their decks, and have added the executioner. It is a letter very strong, because exceeds all the cards without limits, and does enough damage to the tower.

How to play with the executioner

To play hangman, you’ll need to do the following:

The executioner what that does is throw an axe type boomerang, that goes from front to back. It is ideal for shredding small letters such as goblins, arqueras, guard, knight, barbarians… with other cards such as the valkyrie is well matched. And then there are other cards in which you can do almost anything, such as the strong or the minipekka, ice mage…

ideally, to play with the executioner, is to wait to have a lot of cards and enemy aceí launch the executioner to throw the axe from front to back. If in that row of cards there are barbarians, small letters and others, you’ll be able to enjoy a lot killing several birds with one stone and at a distance, because it is a strong card that you can go throwing distance from the back, before you kill her.

For now we cannot tell you much more, because it just takes a few days and we are learning how to use it. But we will help you to master this letter with the time. And I recommend that you look at especially the video of Alvaro because it provides a lot of information.

How to stop the executioner

To stop the executioner, you’ll need to do the following:

If you are going to use a fire ball, rocket, or beam, which is quite effective in what it should be, expected to have more cards next to it so you can kill multiple cards at the same time. It always helps to kill 2 birds with one stone, so you can use this type of cards both to stop the executioner as the other cards.

But if you do not have any of these cards in your deck, you’ll be able to opt for other alternatives. For example, using the barbarians elite or barbarian normal just above the executioner, so that barely give you time to shooting you. There are many more choices, as minipekka or pekka, but always on top, because if you throw a little far away you will be able to throw in some ax. Have there are many ways, you will have to research what cards you have in your deck to stop it, and put it into practice.

Nueva carta Verdugo llega a Clash Royale

With the horde of minions just above can also work well. Remember that attacking at a distance, so always try to stop him just above it so that you will not be able to do more damage to the troops.

  • Trick: you try to reduce it as soon as possible to not to go near the tower of the king, and so don’t remove life.

Good cards to combine with the executioner of Clash Royale

The letter from the Executioner fits in well with the following cards: golem, giant, PEKKA, lanzarrocas, cemetery, barbarians elite… it fits very well in decks that have blocks of letters strong and tall, willing to throw a bunch of letters together in blocks. For these cases it is very effective this letter. If you take a look at the decks that you gave in the previous link, you’ll quickly realize that which you speak of.

What do you think about these decks of the executioner? What do you think of the tutorial? We hope to soon be able to tell you a lot more for you to know in depth how to play and stop the executioner of Clash Royale and master over the game.