How to make your phone battery last longer Iphone Android

The battery life of mobile phones is one of the most frequent problems in ‘smartphones’, this is because it is one of the elements that less technological advances have experienced with respect to other components of mobile phones.

Cellular phone batteries should last, as pointed out by the platform of refurbished Librephonia batteries, between 3,000 and 4,000 cycles – one cycle refers to each time the mobile is discharged 100 percent. However, the “half-life of a battery is between 300 and 500 charge cycles.”

1. charge cycles are counted in a modular way

In the case of new lithium-ion batteries, . This means that “if we spend 25% of 100%, we charge the terminal 100% and we spend 25% again, the total charge cycle is 50%, so we would have another 50% of the cycle,” as They explain from Librephonia.

2. the load by sections makes the batteries withstand more daily wear

This way of charging the battery can mean “a small breakthrough,” since “”. However, it is not the only thing that can be done to help extend the battery life of the smartphone.

3. It is convenient to charge the phone without using it

The heat is bad for the battery, and if while the device is charging the user uses it, it will be forcing the phone to make a use close to one hundred percent, which generates internal heat.

This overheating problem is exacerbated because, as they indicate from the platform, “the phones do not have active ventilation elements, such as fan or liquid cooling,” which help heat dissipate.

4. use certified and reliable brand chargers

It is also important , since if you use one that does not meet the requirements of the phone, you can power the battery with over voltage. This would cause the battery to deteriorate sooner than it should.

5.  It is important to close applications in the background and disable features

To take care of the battery that are not used frequently, since they consume battery. Social network applications, games and functions such as GPS and Bluetooth connection are the most spent.

6. keep the device charge between 20% and 80% of the total

It is also advisable to set the screen brightness to automatic, as this will provide the user with one or two more hours of battery life. In addition, as indicated by Librephonia, it has been proven that dark themes consume much less battery than standard ones with bright white colors.

7. Reduce email update

It can be set so that the refresh rate is every 15, 30, 60 minutes or manually. So the phone does not have to be continuously searching for ’emails’ in mailboxes.

8. Wait until the battery runs out

A very common mistake that we have all made is that we wait until the battery runs out to connect the cell to the electric current, but this only makes it impair the lifespan of your device.

Experts indicate that each battery has a limit on the life cycle and every time you charge your smartphone from scratch you waste one of these; plus you make the battery unstable.

9. Do not charge 100%

It is often believed that the device has to be fully charged, but all it will do is stress the battery and eventually damage it.

10. Charge it all night

The previous point is closely linked to this one. According to the Cadex battery company, when your equipment already has the full battery and is still connected to the current it receives “drip charges”, with which it will always be kept on full charge, but also causes a high voltage state in the battery .

11. Don’t turn off your phone

Cell phones, like any device, need a break, so experts recommend doing it at night so it doesn’t affect your everyday life.

“This is like relaxing your muscles after intense exercise,” explained Battery University, a site linked to the Cadex battery company.

12. Occasionally load your equipment

Cadex experts even suggest connecting the device several times throughout the day. Ideally, it is ideal to do so when it has 10% life, but since it is not possible for most people, it is preferable to plug it in different times a day.

13. Not using your smartphone while charging

This recommendation is because your equipment is receiving electrical energy and altering its behavior could cause some discharge and electrocute you.

13. Use official chargers

Low-quality chargers may not be able to drive electrical power to your computer and cause a discharge to the battery, which would damage it.

14. Prevent it from overheating

It’s important to keep smartphones from retaining a normal temperature and more if the battery is charging, so experts recommend that you don’t connect it to the electrical current on padded surfaces and remove the case.