How to make work Google Opinion Rewards in countries not supported

Not long ago we spoke of how to download Clash Royale by using a VPN, with the aim of you could play though the game wasn’t available in the store of your country. But with a VPN we can touch the sky if we want to, because we may get more easily what we hold simply because pretending that we’re in another place. We tell you how to make work Google Opinion Rewards in countries not supported, so that you also begin to earn money with Google.

  • To install Google Opinion Rewards (take a good look at that still not be compatible in your country), you need to download Hola Free VPN.
  • once you have it, open it up, goes into More in My applications and search for Google Play.
  • Now you now select a country from the list (for example, Spain and USA).
  • Press the button to Open/Open to go to the Google Play.
  • Now go to Google Opinion Rewards from Google Play. You’ll be able to download the app with no problems because now you have decided to be in another store.

And you got it! You don’t have to do anything more because the VPN is in charge of faking your location. . If you say you’re from Spain, you’ll have access to the store of Spain as if nothing to download everything that is compatible with the country in question. It all depends on the country you choose, remember to choose one where it is available Google Opinion Rewards.

How to use Google Opinion Rewards in any country, If you do not know what Google Opinion Rewards is, then you need to inform yourself. The application is basically a Google market research tool, which presents users with simple surveys and questions that they can answer in exchange for Google Play credits. Your answers are completely anonymous and with just a few minutes of your time, you could avoid paying in the Google Play Store for those applications that you like to use.How to make work Google Opinion Rewards in countries not supported

The Play Store has millions of applications, games, books, movies among other items that you can access easily. Many of them give you some things in life and others are just for fun or moments of relaxation, but most likely you do not have knowledge of many app that use millions of people and that could be very useful for you.

However, there is a big obstacle. The application is only available in some countries. If you are willing to do anything to use Google Opinion Rewards in countries that are not compatible, then this guide is for you. Read on to learn how to use Google Opinion Rewards in any country in the world.

How to use and download Google Opinion Redwards

The first thing to do before downloading this application is to change our location and for this you will need two more app.

  1. First you will go to Settings, then you will look for the option Location Services and when you enter you will enable the GPS.
  2. The second thing you have to do is download Fake GPS through the following link and Psiphon from here.
  3. When you have both applications installed you will go to Settings, look for Development Options and then enable the fake or simulated locations according to the mobile.
  4. Afterwards from the indicator you will select Fake GPS.
    Fake GPS location
    Fake GPS location
    Developer: Lexa
    Price: Free
  5. Then start Fake GPS and go straight to New York, the next thing you have to do is press start.
  6. Now you are going to launch the other application called Psiphon, you have to touch the section when you are requested. You will go to the options and you will select the United States from the region.
    Psiphon Pro
    Psiphon Pro
    Developer: Psiphon Inc.
    Price: Free+

Once you do all this you will have to make a new Google account, but it has to be from the United States. To do this you have to go to Settings, from there to Accounts and then add a new Google account, just follow the steps and you’re done.

The last thing you have to do is download the Google Opinion Rewards application, you can have it by entering the Play Store from the link that I have left you. Once it is installed, you will open it, select the new account and enter all the data it asks for. The zip code you have to put in is 11413 since this is the one in New York.

Now you can answer the questions that the application enters and you will enter the New York postal code again when you request it. In this way you will be able to “walk” around the world without any problem.