How to make an FTP or STP connection to a remote server in Windows

Now you can make an FTP or STP connection to a remote server in Windows. No matter what your operating system, you can implement these two protocols so you can connect to a remote server and transfer your files quickly and safely.

What is an FTP and SFTP connection?

An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connection. It is a network protocol based on the client – server architecture. It is used to transfer files between systems connected to a TCP (Transfer Control Protocol) network. That is, you can connect to a server from a client computer to send or receive files, no matter which operating system each machine is using.

The SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) protocol. It has the same utility as the FTP protocol, with the exception that it makes connections from port 22. In addition, it sends and receives the data in binary code and not in plain text as the FTP protocol does. This ensures that the data is more difficult to decipher.

Steps to establish an FTP and SFTPconnection to a remote server

The first thing you have to do is go to the home page of a program called FileZilla, which will manage the remote connections. You just have to go to the main page and download it. To do this, you just have to click on the big button that says: “Download FileZilla Client”.

Now, you will be asked to choose between 3 different versions: FileZilla Pro, FileZilla with Manual and another that says nothing more FileZilla. You must click on the Download button at the bottom of the 3 column, which is named FileZilla nothing more.

Once the download is complete, find the file in your Downloads folder and double-click to begin the installation. First, accept the license agreement that will appear immediately. Now, you have to choose the option to allow all users of your machine to access FileZilla, or if it will be you only. After this, click on the Next button.

This point is important: be sure to click on the “Reject” button when prompted to install the additional software that will appear in this part of the process. Now another additional software will appear to install. click Reject again. Now FileZilla will be installed.

You will already be in the FileZilla interface

The main FileZilla window will appear before you. Now comes the fun part of the process: making a connection to an FTP or SFTP server. Now, click on the “Site Manager” button in the upper left corner of FileZilla.

This action will open the Site Administrator, which is currently empty. Therefore, we will add the first site. To do this, click on the New site button and then give it a descriptive name. On the right side of the Site Administrator, you must enter a lot of information about your server connection.

All this information must be provided by the owner or administrator of the FTP or SFTP site. First, select the FTP or SFTP option from the Protocol drop-down menu. Now, in the Host field enter the name or IP address of your site. If you are connecting to an FTP site, in the Port section, place 21.

Similarly, if you are connecting to an SFTP site, enter the number 22. Then place your username and password in their respective fields. Thus, when all the mandatory fields have been completed, all you have to do is click on the “Connect” button.

As this is the first time you use FTP FileZilla to connect to a server, you will be asked if you want the application to remember your site passwords. Depending on your specific needs, choose the option “Save passwords”, “Do not save passwords” or “Save passwords protected by a master password”. After you choose them, click OK.

FileZilla will now connect to your FTP or SFTP site

Now, Locate the local site section, which is on the left side of the main FileZilla window. This represents your entire PC. Browse to the folder that contains the files you want to upload to the site, or go to the folder where you want to save the files you download from the site.

Now, to upload a file, simply drag it from the local server window to the remote server window. To download a file, simply drag it from the remote server window to the local server window. And that’s all you have to do to establish an FTP or SFTP connection on your computer.