How to make a video call with Chromecast

it Is possible that you may not know this, or rather that you never pararas think about it, but you can do a video call with Chromecast. That is to say, to squeeze more of your experience with the gadget more economical for Google to demonstrate what it is capable of. If you do video calls, now you can enjoy them from the tele, as if you were watching a movie. We tell you how to make a video call with Chromecast.

Making a video call with Chromecast

When you hear the word video call, you can automatically have thought of Skype, but unfortunately, Skype is not compatible with Chromecast. But what we can do, is to use the Chromecast to send the video to the TV. So in this way, we could make a video call using Skype through the TV.

How To Cast Google Hangouts Video Call To Your TV Using Chromecasthowever, if what you want is to make a video call with Chromecast natively, we will have to opt for applications with Hangouts. This app is for Google and is a service of messaging very powerful with which you can exchange text, audio and video.

To make the video call through Chromecast, you’ll only need to start video calling and send it in the normal way to the TV, that is to say, sharing the tab from Cast. After you do this, and put your TV in the input to the Chromecast, you’ll be able to enjoy a better experience on a bigger screen.

Surprised not to be able to do automatically, as with other applications such as YouTube, but we always will be tabs. Also, as already we tell you, you can send the screen of the computer as is. All this you can do so from the extension cast-on in your browser. You don’t have loss!

How to send the call to the TV?

Share the tab from the Cast and put your TV in the entrance where you have the Chromecast connected. It is easy and fast, although it must be mentioned that it is a bit cumbersome that the device does not do it automatically, as it happens with other applications of audiovisual content such as YouTube.How to make a video call with Chromecast

You can also make the video call from your computer and send that screen directly to the TV and use the browser’s cast. It all depends on the way you want to make your video calls.

We have many ways to buy a Chromecast 2 cheap, so if you want to add the new Google gadget to the cart, it is time because you are able to enjoy everything you want on the TV. Everything, absolutely everything you can send, so that the experience will be more than magnificent.

The proposal of video call from Chromecast is a solution for those who want to make video calls taking advantage of new devices, pay attention to this quick and easy tutorial. In a matter of minutes you will be calling your friends and having conversations directly from the comfort of a TV screen. Taking advantage of the size and quality that currently have the newest TVs.