How to listen to FM radio on Samsung Galaxy S7

Radio FM en el Galaxy S6

Many people don’t know but the Samsung Galaxy S7 carries a chip built-in FM radio, a chip-in FM radio that does not bring activated in series but connected. Some time ago we learned that Samsung had begun to turn on this chip in the Samsung Galaxy S7 of the united States and it seems that in the end, many is already operating the FM radio.

The only thing you have to do to use the FM radio on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is have the latest update and once installed, there is that have some application that you can use the FM radio, and nothing more. To do this we are going to explain how to install the application and how it is used.

Radio FM Galaxy S7

How do you have the FM radio on the Samsung Galaxy S7?

In the Samsung Galaxy S7 of America (it seems that Europe has not yet come) it has begun to activate the v-chip FM radio and it enables the mobile without the need of root, you can use an app to tune to the radio station favorite of every one.

For this purpose the best application is NextRadio the problem is that this application only works in Canada and the united States, in order to avoid this limitation we can install the APK but in the contrary case, if we are of these countries, we can download this app directly from Google Play.

WP-Appbox: NextRadio Free Live FM Radio (Free, Google Play) →

The update that activates the chip to FM radio on our mobile device is the version VRUAPG5, it is available for both the Samsung Galaxy S7 as for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. To make sure that we install the update just to make sure you have installed the last update.

  • Settings – About device – manual Download and we check if we have the update.

once it is confirmed that we do have the latest update I tried with the APK, , we lose nothing by installing it. Maybe he also comes to Europe, silent, is working, and we have not heard of. Who knows… This application can be running also in the Galaxy Note 7, AT&T.

Download | NextRadio APK

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