How to know if I have been blocked on whatsapp

There are many reasons why someone may blocking on WhatsApp but… is there any way to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp? What is certain is that, despite the fact that WhatsApp hides this by default to preserve the privacy of the users, there is a surefire method to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp. Is more, do you not know how to block a contact on WhatsApp? Is very simple.

There are many symptoms when someone you blocked on WhatsApp and what is true is that you’re going to give account at the moment. The only way that a contact does not have locked in WhatsApp and give you the following symptoms is that the user has deleted the account of WhatsApp, which is also possible but less likely.

Cómo saber si me han bloqueado en WhatsApp

What are the indicators that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp?

  • you don’t see the profile picture of a contact in WhatsApp – instead of appearing the image of the usual profile a silhouette appears gray is that WhatsApp makes by default. This appears also if the other contact does not have our number and has decided to hide the profile picture to those who do not have their number or even to all users, even though the latter does not have much sense.
  • do Not see the double check in WhatsApp – For more that time passes, and as much as you talk about the double check does not arrive. The messages have been sent but never reached the recipient. Moreover, if a contact blocks us and us to unlock these messages will be lost, if you continue the conversation and messages back to double check, it is very likely that the other contact has blocked for a time. Nor will, as usual, the double check blue. It is possible that the contact is disconnected if it does not reach the double check but if it’s been days and this still happen most likely is that you have blocked.

If not you can add it to a group, begin to distrust

  • you don’t see the status in WhatsApp from a contact – If we go to the contact us will give an account of your state is not listed, only the files that we have shared, the groups in which we are both, and a photo huge by default WhatsApp but not the profile photo.
  • you don’t see the last connection time and does not appear “In-line” – Although the time of last connection can be hidden when a user is “online” should appear, there are methods to hide that you are online but are not feasible for anyone.
  • I can Not add a user of WhatsApp to a group – For more that what you try there will be no way to add a blocked contact to a group.
  • I can Not call a contact WhatsApp – Although pulsarás the icon for call, without problems the call does not give tone so that you will not be able to call it.

Other numbers you can see the contact with no problems, this is the most indicative. If a friend of yours (or even you can try from the mobile phone of your father or your mother to talk to you or see if you can do any of these things) you can do any of these things is that yes, you have been completely blocked.

admit it, you don’t want on your agenda, this is what happens, for many reasons, but don’t be sad, there is life beyond WhatsApp and even if you desenganchas perhaps avoid the wasapitis… There are more complex methods to know if you are blocked on WhatsApp but we do not believe that to be necessary.