How to know if a iPhone 6 is fake


The iPhone increasingly are an item most coveted, and that has made the scammers will put hands to work and try to oeuvre cat for free. We want don’t cheat and for this we are going to show you how to know if a iPhone 6 is fake or is a model in good condition and made by Apple.

The signs that an Apple product is not what it should be are quite obvious to someone who has already had a product from the Cupertino. The differences are noticeable to the naked eye, especially in the construction materials, but can go unnoticed for someone who does not have this knowledge, so let’s look at 5 signs which will tell us that an iPhone is false.

The packaging is not quality

packaging is poorly finished, and the logos of both the exterior and interior are of very poor quality. This is an indicative rather than clear, as Apple strives to design and refine all of the boxes and content of the same of their products.


If we find that the outer has been sealed with materials bad and that even the carton is of poor quality, we are faced with a very likely scam.

The price does not exceed 300 euros

Let’s be realistic. An iPhone 6 new does not cost 300 euros unless paid for in installments, has the screen broken, the plate has been damaged, has fallen into the water (probably in the TOILET), or you have passed a tractor on top.


most likely, not to mention all the miracles that can be for the world ahead, is that if it costs less than 300 euros currently, it is a scam or a replica cheap.

In the power appears a Android

Apple seems increasingly permissive to allow applications from its rival Google, but at no time has considered the possibility of installing Android on the iPhone 6. If your phone, when power on, appears with the logo of the android green and not with the apple logo, you are before a large, stone replica China cheap.


however, if you have spent little and has at least Lollipop… as a good fan of Android I would say that, you can assess the quedártelo.

The color and the materials seem to be plastic

If the iPhone that you just buy does not have the color that should be, or the materials seem to be plastic, it is most likely that you have strained. If you have not bought, flee, or write a fire before it is reproduced.


Apple has manufactured all models from the iPhone 6 in metal, so that there is no version, as the iPhone 5c, made in plastic.

The serial of the back does not correspond with the model

There are many types of scammers in the world and you may have tried to sneak something that is by what it is not. It might be an iPhone 6, but yes, stolen, or the screen changed, and so have a low cost.


One way to make sure that it is authentic is check the serial number on the Apple site. With that we can be sure that it is an iPhone 6 “not pirated”.

These are the tips that you can give about how to know if a iPhone 6 is fake, but it is clear that there will always be those who bring these replicas to a point that is almost imperceptible the scam. Good luck with the purchase and care with the scammers.

What do you think about these 5 tricks on how to know if a iPhone 6 is fake?

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