How to join a clan in Clash Royale and its advantages

Unirse a un clan en Clash Royale ventajas

¿What you can do to join a clan in Clash Royale and discover the advantages that you have? We are going to tell you, but first you must know that Clash Royale doesn’t take much time between us, and yet is being a success in iOS users that can now enjoy the game. In Android we are still waiting, but there are already many users that are playing through your iPhone at least to be able to test the game and improve their characters, and at the end, transfer the account it is possible to. In this article, we will see what to do to join a clan in Clash Royale and the advantages of.

How to join a clan in Clash Royale

to be able To join a clan you will not be in any at that time. You’ll have to click on the tab for clans to be able to gain access to the list of clans available. We remind you, that some access is only by invitation, but in others you are free to leave and enter whenever you want.

Unirse a un clan en Clash Royale ventajasYou’ll be able to do a search for clans, and even an advanced search if you want to find a Spanish one, for example. Once found, clicking on the name of the clan, you will be able to join, “through ” join“. From you to do that, because pertenecerás to the clan. The first time you do it, you get a reward.

How do I leave a clan? you will Have to enter in the tab of the Clan, and click the button of “i” (information) to access the data in the clan. There you will see the data of other users and the option “leave” (to leave) the clan. Once you leave it, eye, because some do not allow readmission. Remember to look for the clan that best suits your need, as many more “pro” require more hours of game play.

What are the advantages of being in a clan in Clash Royale?

clans of Clash Royale we find 2 fundamental advantages:

  • Earn experience points and coins by donating cards.
  • Receive letters that you will need.

users belonging to The clan through chat are you going to put letters that need gifts. If you donate those useful cards for them and not so useful to you, to change upload status points and you will get coins, you will for battles and improve cards.

Remember that you can also request that you send letters, so that you can climb more quickly level your characters.

you can Only be in one clan at the same time. Choose well, as I said, on the basis of what you play so you don’t get behind in the ranking. If you are adding many points for battles, and you rise to the top positions, will surely progress of a clan, since in many there is even a quarry. And remember, that clan has a chat on the that not only you will be able to donate cards, also talk with your colleagues.

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