How to install the Suru Plus icon theme on Linux

Suru Plus is a revitalized update of the Unity 8 icon theme that was implemented by Ubuntu. And this happened shortly before the project was canceled. So, with this new icon themes package, you can experience the Unity 8 experience in any Linux distribution.

Similarly, Suru Plus is best used in GTK + desktop environments such as Gnome Shell, Mate and others. In addition, it can also work on Qt Linux desktops such as KDE Plasma and LXQt.

Download Suru Plus

For starters, the Suru Plus theme is open source and hosted on GitHub, so you can easily access it. However, since the icons are in GitHub too, you will first need to install the Git package in your distribution.

To install Git, you just have to start your terminal. You can do it by pressing the CTRL + ALT + T keys or: CTRL + SHIFT + T. What you must do next, is to follow these instructions and enter the following command lines.


sudo apt install git


sudo apt-get install git

Linux arch

sudo pacman -S git


sudo dnf install git


sudo zypper install git

Suru Plus on a generic Linux

If you have a lesser known Linux distribution and need the Git package, you must open the package installation tool, look for the “git” package and proceed to install it.

Once you have the Git tool installed, you must download the latest version of Suru Plus on your computer using the git-clone command.

git clone

We tell you that the download can take a little time, since there are many files to have in your hands. When everything has been downloaded, use the cd command to move to the "suru-icon-theme" directory.

cd ~ / suru-icon-theme

Compiling Suru Plus

Compiling this icon theme requires that you have Meson installed. You should see below how to install it in your distribution.


sudo apt install meson


sudo apt-get install meson

Linux arch

sudo pacman -S meson


sudo dnf install meson


sudo zypper install meson

Generic Linux

Meson is installable in some generic Linux distributions, through Python3. You can also install Meson by downloading a package for distribution on

Now, with Meson installed, you must use it to compile the Suru Plus theme.

meson «build» –prefix = / usr

Package Installation

This installation is a bit different from when you install the other icons. This is because the source code does not leave a folder that you can place anywhere you want. In this sense, to use this icon theme, you must use the Ninja compilation tool to install it correctly.

Asimism, the source code of this application provides compilation instructions that will place the icon theme within the default directory for Linux. However, it is also possible to install it as a single user with some quick settings.

Install for single user

Similarly, this installer does not configure the icons to install in the "~ / .icons" directory by default. The reason for this is that most Linux users are probably not worried about configuring their icons for a single user.

As a result, you must manually move the files after the Ninja installer finishes.

Now, to start the installation for a single user, you must execute the Ninja installation command and allow it to be installed in the default icon location. As the Ninja compilation script would normally do.

sudo ninja -C «build» install

Likewise, the installation should fly by. When it's finished, everything will appear in “/ usr / share / icons / Suru /.” From here, use the mkdir command to create a local icon folder to use Suru as your computer's unique user.

mkdir -p ~ / .icons

Finally, you must install Suru as a single Linux user, moving the icon files from “/ usr / share / icons /” to the “~ / .icons” directory.

sudo mv / usr / share / icons / Suru / ~ / .icons /

Install on the entire system

Now, if you want all users to have access to the Suru Plus theme, you must install it on the entire system. Fortunately, the Ninja construction system makes it an automatic process, so to do so, go to the terminal window, and enter the command we give you below.

sudo ninja -C «build» install

Activate Suru Plus

The Suru icon theme must be enabled for you to use it. So, to activate it, open the system configuration in your desktop environment, look for the icon options and activate it there.