How to install LineageOS on Xiaomi MiPad 2

Sure you’ve seen the new LineageOS you already we have been talking for a couple of weeks or months… so, today we want to tell you how to install LineageOS on Xiaomi MiPad 2. We are faced with a question that we do a lot of users and we’ll give you the answer, so do not miss this tutorial that will be of help.

Have to tell you that it is a version that is not official and comes to us by the guys from XDA Developers, so that you can not perrer and you have to try it out.

Root Lineage OS

Install LineageOS on Xiaomi MiPad 2

What we have before us? A initial version of LineageOS 13.0 which is now available for Xiaomi Mi Pad 2. As we mentioned above, it is an unofficial version, but less da a stone because it is a way to enjoy this version and we thank you. At least it will serve to give life and renewed Interface to your tablet, so you sure you want to install it now so you don’t miss these news.

we Want to tell you, before you install, that is an early version and you will find some problems with the camera and bluetooth. However, everything else seems to work well and without problems, so you won’t have to worry.

How can I install LineageOS in My Pad 2?

The installation is done as you would always, you simply have to to flash the ROM on your device and ready. But if you don’t know from where to download this ROM then here’s how to make:

  • Go on XDA Developers. From this thread you will see how are the things with LineageOS and the MiPad2. You’ll be able to see all the information about it on the ROM, known errors, and others, because it is a first version, and iran coming new soon. It is important that you follow closely, you subscribe to the thread and can enjoy it.

So from the thread you will find everything you need. You will only have to enter and follow the aforementioned steps, you will see that it is easy. It’s like flashing any other ROM. Remember that it is a beta, the first version.

do You has been of some help this tutorial on how to install LineageOS on Xiaomi MiPad 2? If you have any questions, leave us comments.