How to install iPadOS beta without using iTunes

The tech giant Apple, has launched the first version of the new iPadOS beta and publicly. It is also based on iOS 13.0 and you can try it right now. Also, you don't need to use iTunes or access a computer without it.

How to install iPadOS beta

First of all, we do not recommend installing the beta version on your main device. This for the reason that it could have errors that would affect your user experience. Unless you are a developer. In which case, you should try to make sure your application or game works perfectly in the new version.

Before you begin, you must make a backup of your device using iTunes. Similarly, the process takes a few touches, but you can complete them in a couple of minutes:

First, you must open the Safari browser on your iPad, and go to and choose the option: Register.

Now, you'll be asked to sign in to your Apple account to continue, make sure you use the same ID you use on your iPad.

Also, the browser should now take you to the "Guide for Public Betas" page. You should scroll down until you see the linked text that says: "enroll your device." You must touch the text and the following page: «Register your devices to obtain a public beta software». I should remind you to make a backup copy of the device.

Now, you must do it. If you have not done it yet and continue. You must scroll down the page to section 2, to download the profile.

This step is necessary for download

Essentially, the profile is a preset configuration that will tell your iPad to participate in the beta program. Once you tap on "Download Profile", a pop-up message will ask if you want to allow the download. You must allow it to allow and a second warning will appear that will remind you to review the downloaded profile in the configuration.

This section is where you could get confused, not knowing where to look for the profile you just downloaded to review it. In this regard, Apple has not handled this correctly.

Now, you should open the “Settings” application, and you should see a text in the sidebar that says: “Downloaded profile”. It shows just below your name. Now, you must tap there and select “Install profile”. You must accept the user agreement, then you will be asked to enter your PIN and restart the device.

In the same way, and once your iPad has started, you must go to Settings, then to General, and finally to Software Update. Similarly, the iPadOS beta should now appear as iOS 13. You must select the download option, and you will see that it weighs 3.2 GB. You should also let the download finish and you should see an installation option.

Choose it and the device should restart. You must also start installing the iPadOS beta. Now, put the tablet aside, as it will take a while.

Once you have finished installing the operating system, the iPad will ask you to enter the PIN and displays a welcome screen. Now, you will be asked to choose between a light and a dark theme. You just have to choose it and enjoy your new operating system.