How to install Google Play on Meizu

In China you can find great devices at a very good price, but some do not have all the software that you expected in an Android. If you bought a smartphone in China and when it arrives does not have Google Play, do not worry, you can install the app market and all Google services

However, other brands also Chinese, like, for example, Xiaomi, Meizu usually come with nothing, without Google services, without the Google Play Store and nothing related to Google, so, unless we want a phone independent of this company, we will have To install these services manually to be able to enter the Google store, use the company’s applications and use our phone like any other Android.

Google Play on Meizu

once you have followed this tutorial and have completed it with success, you’ll be able to download and install the apps you want from Google Play store directly. So if you have a terminal of the brand Meizu, follow these steps because you can get it you also.

In the store of Meizu, the AppCenter or Hot Apps , we have an installer named Google Installer that in theory installs everything necessary, and really is so but when installing an application or game we find that there is a bug that prevents the installation of them.

How to install Google Play on Meizu

The process is much simpler, because we will not have access to applications downloaded from the Internet, but it is offered by Meizu in its application store. To do this, we will access the application called “Hot Apps”, which is a store of applications and look for an application called Google Apps Installer. In our case, it appeared in the suggested Applications section.
 install Google Play on Meizu these are the steps to follow:

    • Grab your smartphone Meizu.
    • go to the application “Hot Apps“.
    • look for a app called “Google Apps Installer“.
    • Install the application.
    • Now a window will open with the option of install Google services Play.
  • click install.
  • Restarting the terminal, Meizu.

If all has gone well, you will have installed the services of Google Play on your smartphone Meizu. Now, you’ll be able to download apps from the store.

Only you have that enter the Google account and download the apps you want. So easy and so fast is if you have a terminal Meizu.

You will be able to uninstall it at any time if they so decide. Remember, that we are faced with an alternative option. Obviously, you willo re download all the apps you want for APKs or from stores of third parties. . But if you can have the Play Store, the better.

How to install Google Play on Xiaomi

If you have a Xiaomi device, we must install an application from the Internet to install the services of Google Play in your Xiaomi, but before, we must activate the unknown sources within the settings for the system to leave us Install external applications to any store that comes standard in the terminal. To do this, we will go to the application of

Settings > Additional settings > Privacy > And we’ll activate the box where we see unknown sources.

Once this box is activated, we will have to download the necessary application from this link. To install it, you only have to touch the icon once it is downloaded and give it to accept. Once we have this application installed, we will be ready to install the services of Google Play in your Xiaomi, because we will only have to open the application and go giving the button to accept the different options that gives us.

After completing the installation of all applications, and we will have Google Play services installed and we will only have to access Google Play and login.