How to hide root on Android without Xposed

How to hide root on Android without XposedHow to hide the Android Root in a very simple and without needing to follow or complicated advanced tutorials or so if you want to have Xposed Framework for Android. This will serve us to use applications that in principle Root users are not allowed to use, in this case in particular I have personally checked, as I show you in the video that I have left right above these lines in which to M Odo example, I teach you how to hide the Root to use HBO, Netflix, which in principle is one of those applications that do not allow us to play streaming content to Root users.

The developers always launch apps that never cease to surprise us. There are some other that allows us to to hide the root on Android, but this is great, because we tested it and it works. It is not especially new, leads since 2013 in the Play Store and no update. But it does what it promises. This app called Hide my Root, it’s free and you’ll be able to Hide root on Android without Xposed. There is a paid version without ads to help the developer (that already as you prefer).

As you imagine, to be able to use this app successfully you’ll need to be root. Below we will show you all the advantages of this app and how it works Hide My Root from Google Play.

The application that responds to the descriptive name of Rooting Hide is so simple to use that it will only suffice to run it for the first time, click on the option Hide your Binary, grant you superuser permissions and begin to enjoy those applications that you detect The Root and do not allow you to use on your Android terminal rooted.

How to hide root on Android without Xposed

Hide My Root from Google Play allows you to Hide root on Android without Xposed

With “Hide my Root” you’re going to be able to to temporarily hide that you are root, with “Hide su binary”. This is their main use, so that the applications do not detect that you are the root user. But it is very complete, because you can also set a password so that only you can restore the root.

With this functionality, you’ll be able to to hide the root and use a lot of apps. This is what you can do:

  • to Put password. Is optional but you’re going to be able to put a password to restore the binary of super user.
  • Hide binary your. This is what interests us, because it is hidden in the binary of the superuser.
  • to Uninstall the app. To uninstall the application Root.
  • Re-install the app. You can go to the Google Play to re-attach a new download to Superuser.
  • Restore binary your. This put back everything as it was at the beginning. It is to restore. Now apps will ask for root access again.

you see everything that is capable Hide my Root, and free.

Remember that the app needs root permissions to work

As is logical, if you want tos hide the root without Xposed to use apps, you’re going to have to be root to use it. Handles hide and restore the binary.

This app is totally free. You can checkout if you want the ad-free version to help the developer.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

What is SuHide 1.09 and what is it for?

SuHide 1.09 is the last and necessary update of this great APK to hide the root of applications. And is that SuHide users have witnessed that the app has stopped working shortly after launching. This is because Google is struggling to throw down this application. The good thing is that with the new update of SuHide 1.09 you can hide the Root again.

Download SuHide 1.09 to hide Root applications without Xposed You can download SuHide 1.09 to hide root Android apps from the following link .

How to Hide Root in Android Without Xposed With Suhide

  1. To hide the root to applications without Xposed with SuHide 1.09 we will have to fulfill a series of requirements:
  2. Be users of SuperSU v2.78 SR1  link.
  3. SuperSU installed in Systemless mode.
  4. Android 6.0 or higher.
  5. Recovery TWRP 3.0.2 or higher – TWRP page

How to install SuHide 1.09 to hide root in Pokémon Go or other applications

  1. Have device Rooted with the latest version of SuperSu. (If you do not have it rooted, you can easily do it in this post with Kingroot).
  2. Have the latest version of TWRP or FlashFire installed.
  3. Uninstall all versions of Xposed.
  4. Install or flash

The good thing about SuHide is that it allows you to hide the root application by application in addition to not needing Xposed. As a negative point is that it is only valid for Android 6.0 and above.