How to have multiple Google accounts Opinion

As you know, the Google Opinion are the surveys from Google that allow you to earn money just by answering surveys seconds. Many times, you earn 35 cents just to say if a given day you’ve been on a site and if you liked the experience. So they are a real bargain, because if you do a couple a month earn a couple of euros and you can buy apps for free without your money. For this reason, many users wonder how to have multiple Google accounts Opinion.

How to have multiple Google accounts Opinion

Google Opinion Rewards gives you money responding to surveys. To get this, you basically need to always have the location activated and move a lot, ie travel. The more trips, the more polls you get.

But what we want to answer today is how to have several accounts of Google Opinion. This is possible, and it’s as easy as having multiple Google/Gmail accounts. But it’s not worth having fake accounts. The key is to have them synchronized with your smartphone. If you are changing the user and therefore, of account, you will be able to have several accounts of Google Opinion. One associated with each email account. If you add to this, you are traveling and you are changing places, you can go to receive surveys with some accounts and others.

How does Google Opinion rewards work?

Through periodic surveys, Google gathers your opinion on different topics. Some surveys are paid, so you will receive a small credit (for example, 50 cents) with which you will be able to do some shopping in the Google Play Store. If you are convinced of the purpose of the application, let’s see how it works below so you can set up your account and start answering surveys. First of all, you will have to download the application that is available for free in the Google Play store.

Google Umfrage-App
Google Umfrage-App
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Just open it, you will jump a little tutorial that explains the purpose of the application. Then we will have to fill in basic data such as a name and surname and the zip code. Then they will ask us about our age range, the sex and the languages we understand (they will give us the choice between Spanish and English).

Tips and tricks to earn more money with Google Opinion rewards

Enable location history to receive more surveys, Google uses certain parameters to send more or less surveys. These parameters are not public, but we can get an idea of them if we experience the service. And, while they won’t be the only ones, some of the following tips can help you get more polls on Google Opinion Rewards, based on our experience using the application.

Google warns us when it sends us a survey that uses the data on where we have been. The location history of Google is so sensitive that you can know what sites we visit in case we have it activated. Google uses this location history data to find out which surveys are relevant to us. For example, if a company wants to know the opinion of their customers, they will want to ask that question to those who have been in their store, or know their brand.

Google Opinion Rewards uses the data you have about us with the advertisers ‘ campaigns, and sends us the most relevant surveys. Knowing this, a good way to “increase” our odds is to approach stores, or shopping malls where there are many shops. The location history will place us near the stores looking for opinion, and they will send us surveys related to those stores.

  1. Google rewards uses very short periods of time, ie if you do not answer the survey in the time that Google demand, it is likely that this expires when you enter again to make it. There’s no more.
  2. Google Rewards is able to “detect” when the user is cheating the system. True, it happens a few times, but tell the truth so that this survey is not lost. With the little that comes out, it would be a real shame to lose her for not answering correctly.
  3. Redeem All Google rewards money as soon as you can. The figures obtained expire at 12 months of obtaining them, so if your account has started to go down for no reason, now you have the exact explanation , Think that the ideal is to get small amounts and spend in apps that interest us first.