How to get to the miner in the Clash Royale

we Could tell you a thousand ways get the miner in the Clash Royale, however, we would be lying, because only there is 2 ways but yes some tips. In this article we will tell you how you can get to the miner, a letter is extremely strong and is essential in many strategies. Sometimes it works beautifully and other leaves much to be desired. But in high levels, it is virtually unstoppable.

We have already been a few months with the miner in the Clash Royale. If you still don’t have it, don’t worry, starting today you’ll be able to get it easier.

Get miner in the Clash Royale

These are some ways:

  • In the chests. How many more chests you open, the more chances you will have to touch you, the miner. What is certain, is that you can play in any chest. Even in a chest for free! But it is important that you enter every day to play and open many chests. How many more rounds you play, the more chests you’ll have. Do not forget the chest of crowns, everything matters, because you’ll be more likely to touch the miner. Tap on any box.
  • In the store. If you’re in the arena legendary, you may find the miner in the shop. Yes, you will have to pay 40,000 coins. About 15 euros. Although if you save coins from battles and chests, like in 2 weeks playing it quite a bit since the recaudas. You’ll have to be in the arena legendary, the sand 9 for you to quit the miner in the shop to buy. The weekends usually go out more.

This letter is hard to get out. It is a legendary. You’ll find it from the sand 6. There are No other ways of getting this letter that is not free (in chests), or by paying in the shop, whenever you are in arena legendary. There is a lot of in the store. Like 1 time per week.

One of the best tips I can give you, is that try to keep you in-the-sand legendary, because you’ll have many more options to get to the miner (the option that comes in the store to buy). Though you will have to have the coins or pass through box. If you think that is worth it, do it.

If you see that you’re struggling to stay in the arena legendary, once you arrive, you can be a few days without playing to see if you get the miner in the shop. It’s a trick that works quite well.

The Miner is a legendary card that can be obtained from the chests once we reach arena 6. It costs 3 elixir, a very affordable number, and can be deployed anywhere in the Arena.

It has enough life points, 1,000 at level 1 and 1,460 at level 5, which is not bad. As for the attack, it can cause 160 damage points (133 per second) at level 1 and 233 (194 per second) at level 5. It is, along with cards like the Elf Barrel and Fireball type spells, the only card able to hit directly to the towers.

Its attack speed (1.2 sec) is very high, so if a cyclized attack is proposed sending it to the towers whenever possible, it will not cost too much to destroy them. In addition, the wake it leaves as it digs makes it difficult for the enemy to know where it will come from.

The most important point here is to be aware that the Miner deals 60% less damage when he attacks the towers directly. That is why players are armed with strategies and decks are created thoughtfully to maximize the damage caused to the enemy. These are the famous Miner Control decks.

How to use the Miner

  1. Using the Miner as a solitary. we must use it with other cards that enhance your attack. We refer to spells, one of the most used strategies when it comes to accompanying this letter. Usually we will see the Miner combined with Venom or Cemetery, who remove troops like skeletons when attacking the tower. However, there are also those who use it together with Ice or Fury.
  2. Use the Miner as a tank. helping the rest of the troops in their attacks. In the case of reach cards, such as the Princess, the Noble Giant or the Wizard, it will be easier to reach the towers if they are entertained to get rid of the Miner. The same with fast cards, like the Montapuercos or the Lumberjack, and with tanks, like the Pekka or the Giant.

Professional players agree that Miner Control decks are rather defensive. They are based on waiting for our enemy to attack, having stopped it, to launch our Miner as against.

How to defend ourselves from a Miner?

If he is using it with a spell, we will have to adapt to it. Against poison, for example, the ideal is to launch a strong troop like the Knight or Valkyrie. If you cast Cemetery (good combination) it would be better to defend with numerous troops like the Horde of Minions.

When the opponent uses it as a tank, we will have to try to eliminate it as soon as possible. It is best to use a defensive card such as the Mosquetera or the Wizard; any letter that will help us face what comes next.