How to get the lumberjack in Clash Royale

If you haven’t touched the woodcutter Clash Royale, we will tell you all the ways that you have to get this letter legendary. As you advancement, it is not easy to achieve, but yes you will take a giant step to be in the sand itself legendary.

do you Want get the lumberjack in Clash Royale? Us also, it is one of the 3 cards that we are missing next to the miner and to the trunk. And yet, yes we could have managed on many occasions, but going by the box. Why we’re going to talk to you about all the ways we have of getting the letter of lumberjack in the game so popular of Supercell, Clash Royale.

How to get the lumberjack in Clash Royale

Get woodcutter in the Clash Royale (2 ways and a trick)

The woodcutter unlock arena 8, Peak ice Cream. This is not to say that the likelihood of achieving in this arena is greater. You will not have to be raised or lowered to the arena by the way, you can diverge at any time in the chests. It is a letter to legendary (the most difficult to get the epic and the common), and elixir 4.

  • In the chests. The woodcutter can get out in any hood free of the day, of crowns, of silver, of bronze, supermágico, giant, etc., it May touch you in any chest if you’re lucky.
  • In the store. The woodcutter has left me several times in the store to buy, but they are to 40,000 coins. You’d have to stick to the game about 15 euros (if I remember correctly) or save a lot of coins. If you play every day, like in two weeks you get these coins. You can also go changing 60 gems per 1,000 coins. Weekends always tend to appear more legendary in the shop, it’s great to buy them. But you have to be at arena legendary to leave you.

This odd trick could funcionarte

A trick that I can give you so that you have more chance of getting to the woodcutter, is that you try to keep you in-the-sand legendary. If you see that chases the to 2900-3000 trophies, in as much as you get to 3,000 you can be a few days without playing… so if you see the woodcutter in the store, because if you fall-to-peak ice cream you do not will to buy. It is a trick that I have done, and that I did to get to the ice mage a long time ago. I spent a few days without playing to keep me in legendary and as well buy it.Clash Royale - Best Lumberjack Deck

it Is important that you open chests all day and get the chest of crowns. The more you play, the easier it will be to get it. I went out many times in the store.

One of the most unknown letters in the entire repertoire of Clash Royale and many seem to have completely forgotten. Quite the opposite of the trunk, your partner in the game that saw the light at the time that he and we do know well. Too good.

The main reason why this unit is barely seen by the sand is its poor versatility. The lumberjack needs the rest of the deck to be built based on his peculiarities to be really useful. It can be very good in a golem mallet, for example.

Often it is said that the miner surpasses it in terms of effectiveness-cost of elixir, but it must be taken into account that despite having a cost slightly higher than that of the miner (1 point nothing more), the lumberjack has something of what this lacks : The fury that drops when he dies.

On its own, the lumberjack can be devastating if you don’t pay attention to it. But it is in conjunction with other troops when this letter exploits its full potential. Using it in tandem with a tank, for example, will put the adversary in a complicated predicament: do I focus on the tank and let the lumberjack load half a tower or remove the latter and give a fury to the tank?

And that’s one of the advantages of being an unpopular card, the surprise factor.

At this point everyone knows how to counteract a Montapuercos, but when you pull a lumberjack and buffeas with fury to some elite barbarians from nothing, then the opponent would like your deck to conform to the goal and be less “rare.”