How to get more likes on your Instagram photos

To get started, Instagram is a platform Brilliant to share memories and favorite moments with friends, family and random followers. Therefore, if you are publishing photos and you are not receiving as many likes as you would like, then follow these simple instructions to get more likes in your photos.

First method to get more likes: Use Hashtags

Use hashtags to categorize photos with keywords. Hashtags help you find other users and your photos are more likely to please you. Also, the use of many hashtags, increases the possibility that your photos are seen and shared.

Also, you should use as many hashtags as possible in each photo. In the same way, you should use the most popular hashtags. Such as: love, birthday, coffee and other popular hashtags.

Now, look in the list of trend hashtags and use some of them. You should keep in mind that using a popular hashtag, it may be likely that your photo will be lost as well. In addition, you can go to the following hashtags: #likeforlike and # like4like, so that you like many photos. You won't have many likes back, but at least, you're going to get some.

Second method: Applying filters for photos

Similarly, this second method is to use applications to edit and filter your images. You can use the most popular and also, the one you like the most, that is your choice. Also, you must use the editing applications of your mobile to make the photos look attractive and special.

Third method to get more likes: find photos that people want to see

Often, people publish anything, such as their lunch, their cat or empty beer bottles. If you want more likes, think of Instagram as your art gallery. Similarly, your purpose is to show only the highest quality images. These images are suitable to get the most likes. Otherwise, follow these instructions to attract most people:

First, never post three similar photos in a row. You must choose the best one to display.

Post the best personal photos, those that show your partner, friends and family.

Also, post photos of unique views. People like unique photos of things they have never seen before.

Post photos of a pet. Thus, only the best photos of your puppy or kitten are guaranteed to get likes. You should also make sure that your pet is doing something unique in the photo.

Do not post excessive photos of your food. Everyone does this, therefore, you just have to post spectacular photos of meals.

You can use applications to make collages. In this way, you are more likely to receive likes. Thus, you can place four similar images in a frame, or show different parts of a trip, for example.

Fourth method: be a person involved with the community

First, you must be an active member of the Instagram community. This to receive likes and comments. Also, take the time to comment on a friend's photo, or to like your photos. If you do these things, you will be reciprocated. Now, if you never recognize the photos of your followers, then they will not recognize you.

Now, start liking photos of random people to get likes back. You must go to other people's accounts. Specifically, those with more accounts that are following, than followers. Next, you should like about 15-20 photos of them. Now, if they notice this, they will start to like your photos and they will also follow you.

Fifth method: you must be consistent of time

Now, you must post photos at the right time. You can also publish the most fantastic photos in the world, but nobody will like it if you publish them at dawn. Most of the activity with your photo will occur in the first hours. So you must make these hours count.

Similarly, you should post photos at noon, when people are likely to get bored at work and surf the web. Now, you shouldn't post too early in the morning, or at five or six o'clock. Because most people are too busy traveling and heading to their homes to notice your photos.

Therefore, publish your photos a little after dinner. People surf the web when they are tired at night.

Also, post your photos on special occasions. It can be on Halloween, Valentine's Day or Christmas. These are good times to post. Although some are too busy celebrating to realize your photos, they are actually more likely to take a look.

Similarly, do not post photos on Friday or Saturday night. People can see them, but they may not want to admit that they have nothing better to do on a weekend. Just look at Instagram photos.

Also, after posting your photos, comment on a friend's photo. Then, like some photos to get attention.

Sixth method: Making links

First, you must link your Instagram account with your Facebook account. This only takes a minute and will expose your photos to a wider audience.

Seventh method to get more likes: Use other applications

Similarly, the App Store and Google Play Store are loaded with hundreds of applications. Which you can use to take pictures, earn "coins" and spend them to have likes. You should find one of these applications in the app stores using keywords such as: "Get likes", "get likes for Instagram" or "likes on Instagram".

However, due to policy changes in Apple and Google stores, these applications are no longer available. This is because they stole credentials to Instagram accounts. But there is a legitimate application that offers a similar experience. This application is called "Matez". Similarly, you do not need your Instagram password, it is secure and complies with the terms and conditions of the App Store.

Then, download an application, you should look at the reviews of it. And therefore, you must decide which ones are the most reliable. After selecting an application, you just have to download it.

Now, you must log in to your Instagram account. Likewise, you should like the photos of other people. Generally, applications have a skip button, which can be used to skip photos you don't like. To finish, you must spend your coins on the likes you want.

Finally, you should keep in mind that the application may not deliver 100% of the likes you buy.