How to force the split screen in Android

If you have Nougat, you’ll know that when you want to apply the split-screen in some apps, that is not supported. But we’re going to tell you a trick that will help you to do the same. So don’t leave, we’re going to tell you how to force split screen in Android.

If you’re enjoying Android Nougat on your device, you may have noticed that when applying the multi-window, many apps don’t allow it because are not compatible. Now you’ll be able to skip this restriction. Let’s see what you have to do:

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How to force split screen in Android

These are the steps to follow:

  • Grab your smartphone and active development options (Settings > About phone > build Number).
  • Now see the developer options just to turn on Settings > developer Options > Force to set the size of the activities. You will need to find this option, once found turn it on because it will allow you to force the split-screen in Android.
  • Restart your smartphone.

After restart if you do the test, you will see that you can use the split screen with all apps. it Is possible that the that are not supported are not working well, at 100%, but yes you can force it, by what you’ve managed to follow the trick with success.

you will Get to view two apps at the same time, one above and the other below. It could happen, that although you will show the two apps (for example two sets), , one would be running, and another paused, until you press on top of the game to resume. If you think this is normal.

you don’t need to be root

doesn’t have to be root to to force split-screen in Android. We hope that you have served this trick. You can now do multi-window apps you want. Although they are not supported, you can force it to not leave you the error message, and you can do this for any app that you want.

few days Ago we talked about Android 7.0 may not be rooting, so with more reason you don’t need to have root permissions to modify this option.

he Investigates the development Options, there are usually surprises.

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