How to fix the “WslRegistrationDistribution failed” error

First, Windows 10 is compatible with Linux. This is one of the most beloved features of the operating system. Originally, it was only compatible with Ubuntu, but since then, it has added support for other distributions, either officially or unofficially. Similarly, Ubuntu can be easily installed from the Microsoft Store, however, if you have installed the application and get the error "WslRegistrationDistribution failed."

When you run it, it means that you have lost a step to configure it. The second line of the error tells you exactly what that is.

Thus, the optional component "The Windows subsystem for Linux" must be enabled.

Fix the error “WslRegistrationDistribution failed”

Installing Ubuntu on Windows 10 is really easy, but you still have to check some boxes. Specifically, you must enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux before the Ubuntu application is installed correctly. If you have forgotten to do this, you will receive the error "WslRegistrationDistribution failed."

Now, to solve it, open the control panel and select “Programs”. Now, select the option "Enable or disable Windows features". In this window, scroll to the bottom and select "Windows Subsystem for Linux" and click "OK." Similarly, you must restart your computer.

Once you have restarted your PC, run the Ubuntu application again and this time, the installation will begin.

You can find other errors when installing Ubuntu

Regarding this specific error, enabling the Windows subsystem for Linux should fix it. Also, it is important that you restart your computer immediately after enabling it. If you do not, the error will not have been fixed.

Similarly, if you plan to use any of the Linux distributions supported by Windows 10, you will need to have WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) enabled. And this is not optional. Basically, what allows you to run Linux distributions in Windows 10.

If this does not solve the problem, or if you continue to have problems installing Ubuntu, remove the application you downloaded from the Microsoft Store and then you must install it again. This solution is not just for Ubuntu. If you are installing a different distribution, you still need to have WSL enabled.

So, we mention lines above that the Linux distributions that Windows 10 can run include official versions, such as unofficial ones. Unofficial releases are those that have not been released by Microsoft or by the developers of the distribution. Also, they may not work as well as official releases and some errors may not be repairable.

Also, some of them work well, but it is not always valid for all distributions. If you are running an unofficial distribution and have problems with it, check if there are other requirements that must be met to configure it.