How to fix the problem of WiFi slow on the Zuk Z1?

The ZUK Z1 is a great mobile, one of those high-end which you can emphasize by yourself to price of laughter. It is true that carries high-end components of 2015 but that’s not what stood at the bottom of the table as a mobile powerful 2015 can perfectly survive in 2016 and 2017 without any problem.

Now, if you have just bought a ZUK Z1 or take time with one, you should know that the mobile is nothing more to come problems with the Wifi because it works slow. A few weeks ago we recommended one to a user, and has only been that, a malfunction of the Wifi that had no solution.


How to fix the problem of Wifi slow on the ZUK Z1?

The problem is very simple, and it is certain that the solution is ridiculous, simply update the terminal to the latest available version of CyanogenOS, the operating system of the ZUK Z1.

Up who has not left the last update many users choose to install the ROM CyanogenMod in the ZUK Z1 to solve the problem as a bug in the ROM series of the ZUK was the one that produced the problems with the Wifi.

Now, after you upgrade the terminal to the latest version (either Android 6.0 Marshmallow or the version based on Android 5.1.1) the problem WiFi slow on the ZUK Z1 disappears. Yes, change the ROM was an option, but nothing is easy in comparison to update the terminal that can do any from the Settings.

I strongly recommend you to upgrade the terminal connected to the once-in WiFi, and if not skip the update to continue updating in the Settings – About phone – software Update. You will need to update your phone until you reach the latest version available and these problems with the Wifi will be gone. It is a great mobile and can be found on offer for prices around 200 euros, price of laughter for all that it offers this great phone.