How to enable Auto Hibernation in Greenify

If we’ve done the event and you have installed Greenify, so that the battery will last much more, you know that you can now enable Auto Hibernation in Greenify. We in this tutorial we will tell you how to do it, so that in a few steps you get to have your terminal is squeezed to the maximum. Eye that to do so, you’ll find some stones by the road, but we will tell you how to remove them all. Remember to have the latest version of Greenify installed, and Android 4.1 or higher. Started:

Enable Auto Hibernation in Greenify

With this functionality, we will sleep apps, that is to say, hibernate. And although you don’t see, there are many applications that are awakening, each two by three, and with this feature, what we would do is enable hibernation automatically, so they sleep when we turn off the screen and the battery stamina more.

How to enable Auto Hibernation in GreenifyWhat do you need to access this feature?

  • Download Greenify.
  • Android 4.1 or higher.
  • Root or not root.

How do I enable Auto Hibernation in Greenify?

  • Open Greenify > Settings > Hibernate-automated (mark this option).

In the case that we do not leave the mark, we will show below message. It is possible that we have to go to > Settings > Accessibility > Greenify (activate hibernation automated). After doing so, still leaves us with one thing pending, Settings > Security > device Administrators > Greenify (also activate it here). After you have done these two steps, you should stop to make the option.

As to the right tells us that it is for 4.1+, so if your device is older, you will not see this option, or in this case already it would not let you activate it. In addition, these boys also indicate that the hibernation applied minutes after the screen turns off. It is great for saving battery, so we recommend that you select this check box. And no need to permissions of super user much better, because it is compatible with all users.

skip the lock screen

But be careful with this functionality, because it does not enable in case you have activated a lock screen. If you don’t know what I’m talking, you can check it out at Settings > Security > Screen lock (in the case that your version of Android has this option), you need to mark None/Slide so that it works the auto hibernation.

you Can do it manual

In the case that you do not want to do without the lock screen (which provides security), you can handle this control of way manual instead of automatic. Is the alternative you propose. And in addition, you can create a shortcut on your desktop. Remember that without root, you will not be able to have both options turned on, lock screen + auto-hibernate and auto.

Save Battery on Android 7.0 Nougat

  • Load the mobile to the maximum: most of the current smartphones with Android 7.0 Nougat tend to quickly load the first part of the battery, taking longer to complete the second part. If you want a better autonomy in the long run, we recommend that you always let it charge as much as possible.
  • Controlling the brightness of the screen: the brightness of the screen, if kept all day to the maximum, is one of the great causes of the loss of battery. We recommend that you leave it on automatic always.
  • Remove the WiFi connection if you do not use it: all connections, for example WiFi, consumes battery if we do not have networks available, as the phone tries to connect without success, so try to avoid these situations.
  • Turn off the location if you don’t use it: basically the same as in the previous case. If you are not going to use applications that serve the location, you should keep this section disabled.
  • Beware of the apps that consume most, like Chrome or Facebook: Of course, the applications that more battery consume in Android 7.0 Nougat are many times our favorite. So you should try not to keep them open in the background, not too long.

The brightness is important to keep it in automatic, if your phone does not have this option try to keep it in the lowest possible range, the more brightness the more battery spend. In addition, dark backgrounds help save battery.

Having GPS, Wifi, mobile data, Bluetooth, basically if you have everything or several things of these activated, consume more battery than normal. Try to have activated the Wifi without anything else or mobile data without anything else.

Applications like Facebook and Messenger consume a lot of battery, instead it would be better to uninstall and install their Lite versions: Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite, which consume much less battery, is noticeable enough.