How to edit photos in Telegram (with stickers and masks)

If you use Telegram, I want to confess to you a secret: it is possible to edit photos in Telegram. What happens, is that it is also possible that even though you use it every day have not found this option, precisely because it is not easy to find. If I tell you the truth, even though I knew that there was for a long time, never before I had found until a few days ago, that’s why I want to tell you how to edit photos in Telegram.

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How to edit photos in Telegram

One of the features of Telegram that has no waste, is that it allows you to edit photos in Telegram. This is great, because you’re going to be able to get the most out of the app messages.

Steps to edit photos in Telegram

  • Opens Telegram.
  • Enters the chat of a contact.
  • Go to gallery and click an image.
  • ¡¡No le des to send!!
  • click in the center of the image (not to activate the ict selection but to open the image).
  • Now you will see a brush of the edition and a smiley face.
  • click on the above to edit the photo and you’ll see the ability to add stickers and embellishments to your photos. You can customize your photos with stickers that you have downloaded as new, to have fun at the maximum with the new Telegram.
  • When you have finished, you will get the option of send.

Careful not to send the photo in the moment that you click to select it. You’ll need to open it, edit it and then send it. Then you can save it in gallery and send it to whoever you want.

don’t you see? Write me a comment that you helped

If you do not appear, do not hesitate to update to Telegram to the last version but from Google Play. And if you have trouble finding it, you can leave me a comment. As I say, I knew that this functionality existed however not find. It is a matter of before sending a photo to a contact, open it from the Telegram, to get access to the editing features, very fun with masks and stickers.

¡¡I Hope that you will enjoy knowing how to edit photos in Telegram!!

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