How to disable dynamic emails in Gmail

Gmail now offers "dynamic emails" that allow you to complete tasks without leaving your email inbox. These use AMP, like many mobile websites. If you prefer to continue with traditional non-dynamic emails, here we show you how to disable this new feature.

Gmail dynamic emails

This new Gmail tool is aimed at companies and other internet services, so you can carry out a set of related actions from your email. All this without the need to go to other pages; such as responding to comments on blogs or pages and confirming your attendance at some events.

It will allow you other actions such as responding to comments in Google Docs, filling out external page surveys, reviewing a catalog, seeing detailed information about a product, among others.

Many companies have requested the activation of this service, but for security reasons, Google reviews these requests very well. So at the moment, Painters, Takeoff, Doodle, Nexxt, and others are the ones that are already starting to work with this tool.

These sites are introducing dynamic emails and will begin sending and receiving in a short period of time.

Disable dynamic emails in Gmail

To disable dynamic emails, open the Gmail website on your computer. Now, click on the gear and select "Settings".

Find the "Dynamic email" option in the list of settings on the General tab. Then, uncheck the option "Enable dynamic email".

As a note, you should keep in mind that: dynamic emails will also be deactivated if you select the option “Ask before displaying external images” you will find the option to the right of Images.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save Changes" so that the settings you just changed are saved successfully.

This way, Gmail will no longer load dynamic emails. If an email is dynamic, you'll see the classic version instead. Just as if you were using a non-Gmail email client.

You can disable dynamic emails from G Suite

Dynamic emails were available to everyone on July 2, 2019. If you are a G Suite administrator, you can completely disable it for your domain by going to Applications and then G Suite. Then, go to Gmail Settings and finally User Settings. Now select the "Disable" option for everyone.

We do not necessarily recommend disabling this, but you can do so if you wish. Dynamic emails sound quite interesting and useful. By using AMP, Google ensures that you can see better content in those emails in a more secure way.

It will not only allow emails to execute all the JavaScript code you like within an email. But email senders will have to support non-dynamic emails for a long time, so everything should work fine if you disable them.