How to delete account Clash Royale

If you want to delete your account of Clash Royale , we are going to tell you how you can do it. the first step is to open the game, as you normally have done. The next thing is to go to the part where it says Settings, from there go to for Help and assistance. Do until here everything okay? Go to My account and then identifies the option that says Delete account, you have come to the final part of this tutorial.

If the game you have come to get tired too, you’re bored, or just simply don’t want to know nothing of Clash Royale, I think that you’ve come to the tutorial proper, because it’ll show you the method to more simple, no other, to permanently delete your account, this is not going to take a lot of time.

How to delete account Clash Royale

These are the steps to follow to delete account Clash Royale: The final steps include filling out a form in order to delete the account permanently, to unlink the account you have to send an email to with your data to make the process, the email must be in English, since they do not have support in Spanish.

  1. Open Clash Royale.
  2. Click on the gear Configuration.
  3. For help and assistance.
  4. My account

How can I delete my account?

Players may not remove their game accounts. Game servers do not have access to any personal data or private on the players, and Supercell will not store any type of sensitive information.

If you need help with a account Game Center linked to an account that you no longer have or no longer need, contact the technical support team and provide detailed information about your user name and clan, and your level of XP.

TO CONTACT THE CLASH ROYALE : The e-mail to which you must send the message if you want to delete your account of Clash Royales is the following: You must write this information in English language:

  • The subject of the message should be: Delete account Clash Royale
  • The body of the email must contain the following: game Name, clan name and level XP.
  • Ready. It is very simple. This is the only way Clash Royale will be able to access and delete your account in the game.

CAN YOU RESTART AN ACCOUNT? : Unfortunately this function is not possible, since you can’t replace an account. The only option is to delete it. That’s what we learned in the frequently asked questions of Supercell, in the section “How do I reset my account? But if you want to play with another account you just need to use another e-mail from Google.

Can I play with multiple accounts on a same device?
Our games only let you save one game per account and device. To avoid that you lose your game for any reason, be sure to save it.

To save your progress, do the following:

  1. iOS: Connect your game with Game Center.
  2. Android: Connect your game with Google Play.

Important: to Play without connecting your game could make you lose your progress permanently. This can occur if you start using another device, you reinstall the game or restore the device to its factory settings.