How to create multiple Instagram accounts correctly?

Instagram is an increasingly popular social media platform focused on photos. You can find family and friends, and let them know what you are doing, where you have been and what you are interested in. But it is difficult to juggle the issues with which his followers will get involved.

So he has decided to separate his hobbies by creating multiple Instagram accounts. Is that possible? Is it easy to switch between them? And is it the right decision? We answer all your questions about creating multiple Instagram accounts.

Reasons to create multiple Instagram accounts

Why should you create and manage more than one Instagram account? There are some benefits of having numerous profiles:

Separate personal life from your work. If you have a business, it is important that you keep your professional life separate from your private life. You do not want potential customers to see what you do every weekend. Similarly, bombing your colleagues with business-related positions will not strengthen your friendship. It's the same reason you shouldn't add colleagues on Facebook!

Take advantage of business. Having a work account gives you access to more analytical data that will help you increase your customer base. You can also pay for advertised ads, which is not possible through a personal account.

Change privacy settings. You don't always want everyone to know what you are doing. By having numerous accounts, you can have one accessible to anyone and another only to people you know personally. It is also useful if one is linked to Facebook and / or Twitter, but you do not want the companions of those networks to automatically see all your messages.

Maintain different interests. If you want to keep your followers, you have to meet their expectations. By creating numerous profiles, you can manage what you put online and present certain interests to particular audiences.

Are there any disadvantages of having multiple accounts? There are, but they are minor. That is, you have to change your account before posting, which, as we will see later, is not as stressful as it seems.

The other potential problem is if it is accounted for in the wrong account. But that's easy to remedy: go to the ellipsis in the upper right corner of your message and click Delete. You can also archive the message to hide it from your profile.

Now that we have addressed the why, we delve into the how.

How to create a second Instagram account

How do you create a new Instagram account? It's very simple: you do it the same way you created the first one.

The easiest way is using a different login. Instagram gives you the option to register using an email address, a phone number or a Facebook account. If you can remember what you used to create an account originally, choose one of the other options. Check your inbox, Facebook profile and SMS to be sure.

You can create another account through your browser, navigating to the Instagram login page and clicking on Register and following the instructions. But it's easier if you do it using your smartphone.

Open the Instagram application and go to your profile by clicking on the symbol at the bottom right of your screen. This will show your profile picture, History, or, if you have not set a featured image, a silhouette. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top right and then on Settings> Add account.

If you already have Facebook installed on your smartphone, it will ask you to continue as (your name). Otherwise, click on Don't have an account? Sign up Switch between tabs according to the method you want to use to create a new account: email address or phone number. In the latter case, Instagram will send you a confirmation code to make sure it is correctly linked.

How can you switch between Instagram accounts?

This is probably what worries you: after all, when creating a new profile, you won't want to stay out of your old profile and lose valuable photos. But you don't need to worry. It is incredibly simple.

Through a desktop, just log in and log out of each account as you would with other services. However, if you are using Instagram on your smartphone or tablet, it is an intuitive application that remembers if you have multiple profiles.

Go to your profile and click on the down arrow next to your username at the top of the screen. Simply click on the account you wish to change to. No, you will not have to connect again (unless you have updated or uninstalled and reinstalled the application).

How to create more Instagram accounts

Once you have let Instagram know that you are interested in having numerous accounts, this makes adding a third, fourth and fifth even easier.

Just go to your profile and click on your username, as if you were changing your login. At the bottom, go to + Add account. This redirects you to the interface that asks you to link to Facebook or register in another way.

You have created a new account: Now what?

Focus on this as you did when you signed up for Instagram for the first time.

You need to add your name, which is the name to display in the account. It will suggest a username based on existing accounts, but you can change it. The next page will require a password: do not reuse the one that is connected to your other profile in case it leaks. Ideally, you want different passwords for all your online accounts anyway. If that is a problem, here are the best password managers.

Then you will have to confirm your age.

Instagram makes no sense if you don't follow anyone, so connect with friends, family and similar accounts. Obviously, it is necessary to add a profile picture and a brief biography, using hashtags. If it is a business account, you should consider adding links to your Instagram posts.

How many Instagram accounts can I have?

It depends entirely on how many different options you have to sign up.

Instagram encourages you to log in using an email address, a phone number and a Facebook profile. If you don't connect your Facebook to a single Instagram account, there are three different ways to do it. You can also add more using different email addresses, so if you have one for work and one for your private life, you can use both.

Instagram only allows you to add five accounts to one device. In theory, you can create more by changing the names between the profiles; however, you will not be able to easily change profiles through a single application. Do not forget that you can also log in through a web browser.

But do you really need more than five? It is up to you, but things can get complicated.

How do you delete an account that has been added to a device?

Again, this is done through your Profile. Visit the account you wish to unlink and click on the three horizontal lines. Next, go to Settings and select Exit (Account Name) or Exit all accounts. The latter will leave you with a blank application from which you can start over.

Some have reported problems unlinking individual profiles, so if this happens, try Logging out of all accounts and logging in that you still want to access through the application. If this does not work, log in again and remove the application. You will then have to reinstall it.

Just make sure you remember all your passwords, or you'll have to reset them too.

If it still doesn't work for you, go back to Settings and click Help and report a problem. Instagram should answer you with instructions on what to do next.

How to delete your account

Instagram is not for everyone. And even if you like Instagram, having multiple accounts may not be for you. What happens if you want to leave the platform completely or delete your second profile?

You have two main options, one less "Burned Earth" than the other. So here is how to deactivate or delete your Instagram account in just a couple of simple steps.