How to copy a deck in the Clash Royale

We have a feature in the Clash Royale, which is great, because now we can copy the deck to who we like (as long as we have these cards available clear). And obviously, at the level that we have the cards. In this way, we can change the deck without having to look one by one the cards of our opponent and how well you work. Don’t miss out, we’ll how to copy decks/decks in the Clash Royale automatically.

Copy decks in the Clash Royale

How to copy a deck in the Clash Royale

  1. just enter in the profile of the user that you want to, descend to his letters and you will see an icon that is the one that you shown in the image below that says “Copy to the deck“. If you click it, you will see that you have the option of copying the deck, to stay in your deck (1), (2) or (3). It is this easy!

How to build a good deck in Clash Royale

In Clash Royale It is the letter that will do the maximum damage to the enemy’s towers. The clearest examples are the Giants or the Montapuercos. Some, like Montapuercos, are very effective at doing damage every time we use them, and they are always fine in playing cards looking for a low elixir.

The Golem or the Lava Hound, on the other hand, are used to make a great “push” or that inflicted important damage to the towers or even get to the King’s Tower at one time. When you choose your strategy you must choose a card with which you are comfortable playing and that is not easy to counteract by the cards that are in the goal at that time.

Now that we have a clear plan of action, it touches on how to deal with the opponent in a way both offensive and defensive. In addition to the units and buildings, in Clash Royale we can invoke a wide variety of spells on the battlefield. They can serve both to support our troops in the attack and to disrupt the rival’s plans in our defense.

A very used one, following the example of the Montapuercos, is the trunk, with which to sweep an army of skeletons or a horde of goblins.

Spells are also useful when our troops are already hitting the opponent’s tower, allowing them to get more out of the spell by damaging the same tower. Some will spend much more elixir trying to rein in your army than it would cost you to eliminate enemies with a single spell. Choosing the right spell according to our units is very important. The variety makes it possible to always take advantage of one, but keep in mind the goal when choosing which one you will go to the Arena.

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Use structures being able to use them both in defense and in attack, being more common in the first form. Against units like the Giants or the Montapuercos serve to distract them from the tower of the princess, as they will go direct to by the buildings that we build, absorbing the damage.