How to convert a PowerPoint to Word and make it editable

Sometimes, you may want to give PowerPoint presentation brochures to your audience. So you can print them from Microsoft PowerPoint, but the conversion to a Word document It allows you to use the feature-rich toolset in Word to fix things.

Brochures are excellent support material when you are going to give a presentation or something like that. If you want to make them in a slide show and want to pass it to a text editor, then the way we will introduce you is the simplest, most useful and error-proof you can find.

For this reason, converting PowerPoint slides to Word documents becomes almost essential. Of course there are ways to do it without the need for third party software. And here we are going to show you how to do it. You just have to follow the instructions we give you below.

Convert your PowerPoint slide to a Word document

First, open the PowerPoint file, go to the "File" tab and then select "Export" in the sidebar.

In the Export menu, select «Create brochures».

On the right will appear some points with useful information about what you can do with the brochures:

  • You can put slides and notes in a Word document.
  • You can also edit and format content in Word.
  • Automatically update the slides in the brochure when the PowerPoint presentation changes.

Continue and now select the "Create brochures" button below the bullet points.

The "Send to Microsoft Word" window will appear with several different page layout options. Select the most appropriate for you and the one you like the most. In this example, we will select "Blank lines below the slides." Once you are ready, you must click on “Accept”.

Similarly, if you want the content within the slides in the Word document to be updated automatically when the original PowerPoint presentation is edited, select the "Paste link" option.

After clicking "Accept," the presentation will automatically open in a new Word document. To edit any of the contents within the slides, simply double click on the slide and start editing.

If you selected the “Blank lines under the slide” option, there will be enough space to leave notes under each slide. If you already had notes in the PowerPoint version and selected the respective design, they will appear in the brochure in the same way.

You're done

This is how you can convert PowerPoint slides or brochures into Word documents. All you have to do is follow the steps we have just given you. It is very simple, just a few steps are enough and your slide or brochure will open without problems like a Micrososft Word document.

Being two programs of the same suite, such as Office, it is not surprising that compatibility between different files is possible. You can also try to open other Office files in Word so you can edit them print them easily.