How to configure the specific volume of applications in macOS

Many applications can play sound / audio, but that does not necessarily make them all the same. The applications in macOS like media players, must be able to play audio as a central function. While the other applications that have audio and that you cannot turn off, they should have a mute button.

Unfortunately, macOS does not allow you to set specific volume levels within its native application. To do this, you will need another application.

Similarly, there are few applications that will allow you to set specific volume levels in macOS. However, there are free and paid applications. If you are looking for some for free, we recommend you check “Background Music”.

Set specific volume of applications in macOS

First, download Background Music and install it. It runs completely in the menu bar where, if you click on the application icon, you can set individual volume levels for the applications that are running.

Similarly, the application decides that all applications can play music, even if they cannot. Therefore, each one of those running will have a volume control.

Also, before you can use this application to set different volume levels, you must understand how it works. The volume level for an application is set in relation to the current volume level for the operating system.

For example, if your volume is set to 50%, the volumes you set for an application will always be equal to or less than 50%. If you put the volume of the application higher than that percentage, it will also be 50%. Therefore, if you increase the volume of the system, the other applications will adapt the change you have made.

Background Music adjusts the volume for other applications

Similarly, Background Music can set the specific volume of applications in macOS that are not running. You must go to the “More applications” sub menu and you will see a list of all the applications installed on your system.

Likewise, it doesn't matter if an application can play sound or not. The volume control of this application will continue to appear.

In addition to volume level management, Background Music can also set the balance of the left / right speakers. Click the drop-down arrow next to the slider. And you'll see another slider to adjust the speakers.

This application is supposed to mimic the volume mixer that Windows has. It has been part of the operating system for years and macOS has nothing alternative or new. As for copying the function, it is a pretty good copy since it is limited to the maximum volume that has been set for the system.