How to combine cells in Google Sheets

Merging cells into Google Sheets is a great way to keep your spreadsheet well organized. In addition, you will make it easy to understand. The most common use is for headers to identify content in several columns. But whatever the reason, it is a simple process, easy to understand and easy to implement.

Steps so you can combine your cells in Google Sheets

First, you must start your browser and go to the Google Sheets homepage. Once you’re there, open a spreadsheet that contains data that needs to be combined or merged. When you find them, highlight the cells you want to combine.

Next, click on Format, then on Merge Cells and then choose one of the three options to merge the cells. Which are:

  1.  Combine everything: with this method, combine all the cells in a cell that covers the entire selection, both horizontally and vertically.
  2. Merge horizontally: combines the selected cells in a row with the selected cells.
  3. Merge vertically: in this way, combine the selected cells in a column with the selected cells.

Depending on the direction in which the cells are placed, you may not be able to merge them horizontally and vertically. So, if you have a spreadsheet you want and you need to merge four horizontal cells. For different reasons you cannot combine them vertically.

Similarly, a message will appear if you have data in all the cells you are trying to merge. This message notifies you that only the content in the leftmost cell will remain after the combination of the cells is made.

This is how the content of all other cells is removed in the process. If you are aware of this, click “Accept” to continue.

Now you can see the cells you have selected combined in your spreadsheet

After selecting the combination of the 3 types that are in the cells you want. In this way all cells will be combined in a large cell. Now, if you have data in the first cell, this data will occupy the entire newly merged cell.

In the same way, you can format the text and data in the cell as you want. If one of your merged cells is a title for the four columns below it. You can align it to the center, above all others.

  • Similarly, click on the Align icon in the toolbar and then,
  • you must click again on the option called »Center».
  • Likewise, if you want to separate the cells, the process is equally simple and simple.
  • You just have to select the cell.
  • Then, you must click on Format.
  • Then, click on the Merge cells option and then choose the option “Disconnect”.

If the cells you previously combined have all the information contained in them. We tell you that none of the data that was previously there will be preserved. You will see that the combined cell will return to the individual cells that were before, but without data or information contained therein.

This is all! You have already seen that you have successfully combined the cells in Google Sheets successfully and without annoying additional problems.