How to change the warning data in Android

cambiar advertencia de datos en Android

One of the novelties of Android N passes through the economizer of data, but something that we love and that is totally essential is the warning data, being able to set it to our liking to notify us as is due. In this article, we will tell you how to change data warning in Android. To do this, we’ll give you all the steps and all the information you need to know to do it, very fast.

Warning data in Android

One of the functionalities that are very good in Android, is that changing the data warning, because we can put our data limit hired so that we do not pass or a mega. If you are traveling for the Settings > data Usage, you should find the following window:

cambiar advertencia datos androidIf you descend a little until the option of “billing cycle“, we find ourselves with 3 options in your interior as we see in the previous image:

  • billing Cycle: here you can indicate the monthly cycle of our data (by default I believe it comes from the 15).
  • data Warning: this is what interests us now, because if we click we can change it to our liking, as we have hired. In my case, I have put 1,50 GB for the tutorial, you can express it in GB or MB as the easier it will be. The warning is handy for knowing how much we have, and what we have available. I recommend to put what we have contracted with our operator, 500 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, etc
  • Set data limit: this is more radical, because if you or you won’t go there. Let us, your data will automatically turn off your smartphone once you reach the limit. It is a very good option if you can’t spend or a mega.

A warning is essential to not spend more data

you Can activate this last option, as you prefer. But now you know how to change the warning data in Android. As you can see, has no loss. And once you do, in the use of the data you’ll see megs consumed / megs total contracted. By default, if I remember correctly I think that Android brings 2 GB, now you can make yours real, and don’t you’ll never, you won’t pay more and you’ll manage better.

leave Us a comment if you have any doubts. have You managed to change data warning on Android?

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