How to change the size of PowerPoint templates?

By default, PowerPoint slides use a widescreen format in a 16: 9 ratio. If you want to change it to the standard format (4: 3 ratio), or even create a custom size. PowerPoint provides a quick and easy way to make this happen.

Resizing of PowerPoint Templates

Resizing the slides in PowerPoint will affect the way they appear during the actual presentation and how they appear in the brochures. Go ahead, open the presentation that we are going to resize and select the «Design» tab.

Then click on the «Slide size» button.

A menu will appear allowing you to choose between the «Standard» format (4: 3) or the «Wide screen» format (16: 9). If you are changing to the standard format without any other changes. You can select it in the menu and the changes will take effect.

If you want to make a small custom adjustment to adapt the size to your specific needs. Then select «Custom slide size».

In the Slide Size window that appears, click on the "Slide Size for» box (1). A menu with several different options will open. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Alternatively, you can customize the dimensions of the slides by entering the size of the slide in the "Width" and "Height" boxes (2). Finally, you can choose the orientation of your slides and brochures by selecting «Portrait» or «Landscape» (4) in the corresponding section.

Once you are satisfied with the configuration, click on «Accept».

If this is the size you would like to use for future presentations. Save this theme and select it for your next presentation. In the «Design» tab, select the «more» arrow in the lower right corner of the «Themes» group.

At the bottom of the menu that appears, select "Save current theme".

The Explorer of Windows, which will ask you to name and save the subject. Go ahead and rename it, but do not change the location where it will be saved. The themes saved in this default location are available with a click of the mouse button on the PowerPoint welcome screen. Once finished, click on "Save".

Final steps

Let's make sure he got saved. Continue and close your current PowerPoint presentation and re-open PowerPoint. This time as a blank presentation. Select «New» in the left panel.

Near the top of the window, select «Custom».

If it is saved correctly, the theme will appear here.

When you select your custom theme a new presentation with all its saved settings will open.