How to change the permissions of WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp and you have a Marshmallow, then we’ll see how to view and change the permissions of WhatsApp. You already know that the management of permissions has come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and allows us to install applications in a more secure manner in the sense that the developers only access what we allow him to, so it is important to what we know to handle them, accept them and change them.

How to view/change the permissions of WhatsApp

To manage permissions, first of all, you need to have Marshmallow on your mobile. If you meet this requirement, you can already proceed with the tutorial:

How to change the permissions of WhatsApp

  • Go to Settings > Applications > WhatsApp > Permissions.

once inside the folder permissions of applications, you will find the following permissions WhatsApp: storage, contacts, camera, microphone, SMS, telephone and location. All of these permissions have a why. And you will need to enable the you to use. For example, if you do not want to share your location with anyone, you can disable it, but at the time that talking WhatsApp you will be asked by the permit.

From this panel, you’ll be able to change the permissions of WhatsApp that you want. So you’ll just have to turn them on/off to your liking, you already know that in gray is turned off and blue light on.

through the 3 points of the top, you will also find the tab of “all permissions” so you don’t miss anything. In this way, the guys from WhatsApp only access to where you allow. You see how things are going with Marshmallow, everything is safer and better for us, so we are delighted with the new.

How to control and modify application permissions on Android

In previous versions of Android we had less control over the permissions that Otorgábamos to applications. This changed with newer versions. Now we can see which permissions have a specific application or which elements can access others. How to view a list of allowed accesses (microphone, camera, etc.) and see what applications have access to it.

If we start by seeing the types of permissions and what applications have access to it, we have to do the following:

  1. Go to Settings. To do this we can go to the menu or directly display the notifications and click on the configuration icon.
  2. Go to applications and inside, top right, click on the menu and go to application permissions.
  3. This may vary depending on the version we have installed, but basically these are the steps.
  4. Once inside application permissions, we will see a list of different aspects: Calendar, Contacts, camera, location.

Here, when you press each of them, it shows us the applications that have access. For example if we have a program to check weather, it is normal to have access to our location. However it does not make sense that, for example this same program to consult the time want to have access to our SMS.

If we see that an application has access to permissions that we don’t like, we can disable it. To do this simply remove the dialing that appears to the right of each of the applications and the corresponding permission.