How to change the administrator of a group in Telegram

Changing the administrator of a Telegram group is easy, Telegram has some better groups than WhatsApp because they allow to have up to 1000 members and change the administrators of the Telegram group in an easy way, something that also happens in WhatsApp, administrators have limited rights: they can spread messages, remove their own messages or remove any member.

What can administrators do? The creator of a channel can spread messages, delete any message, add members (only the first 200), remove members, change the channel name, profile image, and link, as well as remove the channel completely. The creator can also add or remove administrators to help you steer the channel.

In addition to that in Telegram not only there are groups but when you create a channel you can have a channel for a group of people infinite even though they differ somewhat from the groups. A channel is a little different from a group but we are sure you already know the difference. Next we will explain how to change the administrator of a group of Telegram.

How to change the administrator of a group in Telegram?

The groups now have a button with a pencil icon to change the name quickly.
If you check the list of members, you can click on any of them and a new pop-up menu will appear. Three options are shown below:

  • Make the user an administrator.
  • Apply restrictions.
  • Remove the user immediately from the group.

The restriction of options is a kind of controlled Bane for a limited time. This makes it possible to give a first touch or notice to the members who do not comply with the rules of the group.

Changing the administrator of a group in Telegram is simple, the latest version of Telegram this has become easier. To change the administrator or appoint a Telegram group administrator to another user just follow these steps.

  1. Enter the group of Telegram, remember that there may be groups of up to 1000 people in Telegram, when the lists are too long, you can activate the user finder.
  2. Once there click on the settings to go to the group information or directly in the group name, it will take you to a tab where you will see the members of the group.
  3. If you click on the settings in the group you will see three options as in the image, you have to click on the one that makes appoint administrators.
  4. This will take you to a new tab where you can do several things:
  5. Name All users of the Administrators group (by sliding the button above) so that they can add, remove members, edit the name or photo of the group.
  6. Choose the Group Administrators, if you uncheck this option you can go member to member by choosing which are the group administrators and which ones are not.

Now the supergroups can have up to 10 000 members.

  • Designates supergroup administrators with specific privileges: Choose who can add users, manage messages, block members, edit group information and aliases, add new administrators, and so on.
  • Restricts and suspends members of supergroups with great precision: “Read Only” suspensions, GIF and sticker hangers, media suspensions, temporary suspensions, and restrictions.
  • Review the new event log to see all the service actions performed by the members and administrators of a channel or supergroup in the last 48 hours, with searches and filters.
  • Administrators can now search for specific users through the members of a group or channel.

As you can see the process is very simple and simple only that until now it was very difficult to change the administrator of a group of Telegram, something that could be done in WhatsApp for a long time in a very simple way. It has an API to activate the messaging by bots, it offers secret chats

Telegram differs from its rival WhatsApp one of them is from supergroups up to 5,000 contacts and channels to reach unlimited audiences. As a multiplatform for mass sending of messages, photos and videos, it also allows to share files of any kind, such as documents, ZIP and MP3.