How to calibrate the battery of the Galaxy S6?

Calibrating the battery of your Android Galaxy S6 device It is advisable to do it every two or three months to reduce the wear that your mobile battery suffers. It is also a very simple process to carry out. Manufacturers and experts agree and recommend calibrating the battery every two to three months. So that is the figure that we can take as a reference for us.

Doing so every two or three months depends also on the use you make. We also have to take into account our loading habits. If you are one of those who make more use of fast loads, your battery is likely to have been more weary. In this type of case two months may be a more recommendable period than three months.How to calibrate the battery of the Galaxy S6How to calibrate the battery of the Galaxy S6

We already know that it is necessary to calibrate the battery, we are ready to carry out the process. If you have spare batteries is a process that you can perform as many times as you want. Calibrating the battery in a Samsung Galaxy S6 or even other Samsung (Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 and other models also as the Note 5) is very easy, you just have to follow these steps:

How to calibrate the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery?

  1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy to the Plug and it to 100% (use the original charger if possible).
  2. Once this is done disconnect the phone and dial the dialer code * # 0228 #
    You will automatically enter a secret option called battery status that allows you to see some technical data about your battery. Note that the% load (Level) matches that of the notification bar.
  3. Once this is done, press the Quick Start button and accept the warning.
  4. The calibration process will begin for a few seconds. The display will turn off (wait 5 seconds) and take you to the lock screen.
  5. Once this is done, turn the screen on again and check if the Level of the battery has dropped (in some cases it drops to 80% or more).
  6. Reload the phone until it reaches 100% and repeat the previous step until the result is 100%.

This process improves the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4 and others without being root you will have to do it two or three times, keep the battery calibrated is not only beneficial for our day to day, in order not to be hung in times of need. It is also help for the battery itself, because knowing its levels will help us to always maintain an optimal level of load.

Tricks to optimize your Android device

Disables the animations If we reduce the animations, applications loaded almost instantly so that you begin to use it at the time, without losing time in waiting for it to open.

  • To do this tendremo go to “About phone” and tap seven times quickly on the “build Number“. Here we will enable the hidden menu developer.
  • We are back to back and you will see a new section called ”developer Options”.
  • We come here and we go to the section of “Drawing” and where it says “Scale“ animations, the three sections, the gray.
  • If you press Home once you changed these settings you will see that it closes instantly without going through any kind of animation.

Reduce the number of widgets Do not use widgets to decorate your mobile because you are consuming resources. Having an open widget is similar to having the application open as long as we use our device. This widget will consume a little less resources and battery than the open application itself. So my advice is to eliminéis all widgets that don’t use.

Delete it from the multitasking apps that do not use Within the menu of recent applications are open applications that we run and if we close with the Home button, is still running in the background. On the contrary, if we close it with the button back, we will continue to display in the section of applications recent and therefore is running and consuming resources.

it is advisable to close them when not going to use it again for that memory space is occupied by another application yes going to use. you can also use Greenify for you to hibernate certain apps to not autoejecuten in the background.

Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: Free

Clean the cache and delete junk files With Clean Master you will be able to see what files you are occupying more space of the account, clean the cache of apps that have a lot of accumulated and remove junk files or empty folders. a quick way to give a cleaned to your Android.

Delete the bloatware of your Adroid (requires root) when you buy a smartphone, the manufacturer leaves Presinstaladas some applications, many of which you will not use because you have better alternatives, these can not be uninstalled easily. This forces to have root access that, among other many benefits, allows us to install an application that can help you uninstall the ones you are not going to use.