How to calculate Clash Royale trophies

If you play Clash Royale it is possible that you might want to know how to calculate Clash Royale trophies in the clashes, because we sometimes remove too much and we see it unfair for the cards our opponent. But if you’ve played much of the new from Supercell, you will know that the pairings are going for trophies more than for the level of king and/or card, so there go the shots in this article. We also analyze how to calculate the trophies of the clan, because it is another topic that is very messy. You have:

Trophies Clash Royale, how is it calculated?

The pairings of Clash Royale are not always fair. In my case, I’m level 8, I play users with level 8, as 9 and 10, which is quite unfair, because even if they have glasses similar (because you happen to have lost a couple of games), they have much more life your towers and your level of cards as it is one or 2 levels above mine. But if that user has lost and has less cups than I am in this case, I removed many cups (from 31 to 41 normally).

How to calculate Clash Royale trophies But how do you what exactly does Clash Royale? So:

“The amount of trophies you win/lose depends on the difference between your trophies and your enemy. If you defeat a player with more trophies than you, the reward will be better. If you lose against a player with less trophies, it will take away more trophies.”

Unfair to the more modest

As we have said, is totally unfair, because the pairings are made by the number of trophies. This makes sense because the algorithm is trivial, however, it is not fair that a player at level 10 and another level 8 encounter, and because of the chance that the first have less cups on a bad streak, this second lose 30 cups or 40, when this difference should lose 18 or 20.

The truth is that the algorithm of Clash Royale for the calculation of canopy is not done to perfection. It is complicated to consider all of this, because for the creators is not the same access to the trophies that the level of the cards of the players… that can change at any time, and as we know, are improved, going by the box because as we go from a high level we need a lot of coins to buy cards as to raise the level of them.

Conclusion: you can face an opponent better than you in letters and in level, if you have less trophies than you in that moment and you lose, you’ll lose many trophies. The calculation is done by the number of trophies, comparing the trophies of both rivals. Does not compare, at least, that’s what we say in the Support.

How to calculate the points of clan

calculo puntos clan clash royaleAs we see in the previous table, the calculation of the points of the clan follows another course. That is to say, the trophies of the first 10 members of the clan are the most important to decide the score of the clan. For the same reason, if a clan has the top 10 the very good and the rest not so good, it doesn’t affect too negative to the total score of the clan, because those who matter are on all the top 10.

  • The first 10 in the clan, scored a 50%.
  • 11 – 20 scored on a 25%.
  • 21 – 30 scored in 12 %.
  • 31 – 40 scored in a 10%.
  • 41 – 50 scored a 3%.

This does not mean that all members must try to improve his trophies, because it will be good for all, but then it will not be so much pressure, but the first 10 should try to be always very strong and grow the clan. Bad luck we all have, but there are also hours more or less complicated. Normally, in the evening and in the morning it is easier to that at the time of eating, which is quite difficult to win and the night.

So if you plan to create a clan or just join a clan to enjoy all its advantages, do not hesitate to be very clear about this, because the more trophies does not always mean better. At times, some clans have more restrictions as donations minimum daily, no repetition of letters, etc, If you play in Spain, you may like this collection of 10 clans spaniards.

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do You find fair or unfair this count of trophies Clash Royale? do Not hesitate on these days in the comments. It is clear that it favors users that spend more per box, you will get more level of king and obviously, the best cards.