How to apply for a refund of gems in Clash Royale

shopping error may occur, and companies can refund the money at that point. In this article we will see how to proceed to the refund of gems in Clash Royale. You know, the fact you open a game, in this case Clash Royale and buy gems, where the packs are not especially inexpensive because the most economical part from 0,99 euros if I remember correctly, but then there are quite carillos.

But imagine that your son has done it by mistake a – app purchase in Clash Royale. What can you do? to Obtain the refund of the money spent on Clash Royale. It is possible, and we are going to tell you how to do it along the post in a very simple manner.

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Refund of gems in Clash Royale

Many games feature in-app purchases, which turns out to be a nightmare for many parents who are not confident that their children will not do shopping. But if this happen, at least in the Clash Royale, you could recover the money.

Typically, many objects that were purchased in the games are non-refundable. But exceptions there are. These transactions are processed by Google in the case of Android. And these are companies that are in charge of to manage requests for reimbursement. The manager, is no other than customer care team.

To do this, from your Android, you can contact them via the help service of Google Play. Through the button “contact us”, you’ll be able to get in contact and explain your case. This way, you will proceed to the refund of gems in Clash Royale.

The procedure is always the same. If you need more information or have questions, we’ll leave you the link to the support of Clash Royale or ask us in the comments, and we’ll help you.

More information | Support Clash Royale

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