How to activate Super Powers for free at Badoo?

Activate Super powers free on Badoo is simple, one of the things that can be really, relevant and gravitational to use on Badoo are the so called super powers because, with these active powers the Badoo user can draw the attention of other users, expand the possibility of relating, make new friends and link to Badoo.

Obviously we are not going to bring you a hack with which to activate the Super powers free on Badoo forever but you will serve to get out of the pass and also have the option to activate the superpowers free on Badoo with this method.

How to activate Super Powers for free at Badoo?

You will have Super powers free in the application for at least 3 days so during those 3 days you can take advantage to have enough activity and know which people you are and which have visited your profile. Most users do not know and each one of them and it is the activation of Badoo’s super powers for free to be used and thus benefit from this trick.

How to get Super powers for free on Badoo?

The first thing to do and how it is logical is to login to Badoo either, since the Qu application have previously installed on your badoo mobiles or, if you use this social network on a computer you must first access the official Badoo website and then write your respective email and password and click Enter.

You are in the Badoo application or on Badoo on the web.
Once, in your account you will need to go to your profile and then go to settings that you can view how an icon of a nut that is up to the right. Open the menu on the left and click Account.

Once there you give the Delete account button. In settings should go down with the scroll or finger (depending on a PC or mobile) and do, a click where it says delete account if, right there where it says delete account, do not worry.

He will ask you several things, look for the delete your account option and click on it, giving it to continue. A window that is titled will be displayed you sure you want to delete your account? And below are a number of options then, you will have to cross-check or mark the circle preceding the text delete your account. Then, of this action will appear below and in a soft gray text continue to give you a click right there.

With the previous action will appear a window whose title says any way you change your mind (with your name)? And below, appears a blue button that says get super powers free then, now you’re going to give a right click on that button.

A Badoo page is displayed where you are thanked for staying and they point out that you will be able to enjoy 3 days with the Super powers free and now you will have to click on the button that says go ahead!

This trick to get or activate the Super powers for free can be done only once and that’s why, that is recommended before you use it know relatively well, how it works badoo and what things can be done with this resource to make the most of it and finally, it is worth remembering that this free resource serves for a period of 3 days. Now, I just have to wish you a lot of success on Badoo.