How to activate dark navigation in Google Chrome

Finally, the dark mode officially came to Chrome for devices with Android operating system and here we tell you how to activate it.The new Google browser update, Chrome, now allows you to activate the dark mode which, among other advantages, helps save battery and avoid visual fatigue from the use of the devices.

What you have to do is download the new browser update: “Chrome 78”.

To know what version your smartphone has you must go to this route: Open Chrome / Settings / About Chrome. There you will know what version you are using.

Update and activate dark modehow to activate dark navigation in Google Chrome

To get the new version of Chrome you must do the following:

  1. -Download update from the official Play Store
  2. -Open the browser and access options (three points in the upper right)
  3. -Select Dark Mode

Now you will have Dark Mode activated. If you still can’t download the update, wait a few days and check in the Play Store. Very soon it will reach all Android phones.

Google Chrome cheats for Android, iOS and web

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers worldwide, and not only are we talking about Windows or Mac, but it is also a favorite of millions of users on Android and iOS.

1- Move the toolbar to the bottom of the screen

This is one of our favorites, and the best thing is that it’s really easy to activate. Moving the toolbar to the bottom will help you navigate faster, especially if you’re not very big-handed.

To activate this trick we have to do the following:

  1. Write chrome://flags
  2. In the browser type Chrome Duet and select “Enable”
  3. Restart your browser and you’re done.

2- Turn on fast web loading

Fast loading in Chrome actually does activate reading mode, and it will serve to load a website much faster, however it will remove many of its elements to display the information in text, because that is the goal of reading mode.

If you want to turn it on so that websites load faster (especially news ones) you need to do the following:

  1. Write chrome://flags
  2. In the browser type Reader Mode Triggering and select the option you require, but if you want it to apply to most websites you will have to select “always”.
  3. Restart your browser and you’re done.

3- Quickly navigate between the different open tabs

On both Android and iOS it’s very easy to quickly navigate between tabs, just swipe between them to quickly move from one to the other, but in the desktop version it’s another story, however, there’s a shortcut to do it.

To pass between tabs you will need to use the Ctrl + Tab command to go right, and Ctrl + Tab + Shift to go left.

4- Save a website as a PDF

On an Android smartphone, iOS and desktop version we have to select the option to share, and later the print option, there we will see an option that tells us “Save as PDF”, we select and you go.

5- Create shortcuts

If you’re used to visiting sites that don’t have apps or web apps on Android or iOS, then you can add a shortcut that will look like an app, but will open the website quickly without you having to go to Chrome and then enter the address.

To add a page to the home screen simply enter the website and then tap on the options menu and then select the option “Add to home page”, after accepting the site icon will be added to your home screen.